Teri Mogensen: Who’s In The Pink!

Third time’s the charm, or so it seems for real estate agent Teri Mogensen. It’s not that she wasn’t happy or successful in her two previous vocations , but real estate better suits her exuberant personality and utilizes her unique combination of knowledge and skills.

“I was in business management for 22 years,” says Mogensen, “and then a teacher for 11 years. As a real estate agent, I find myself drawing from those experiences all the time.”

It’s easy to recognize how Mogensen’s business background would be an asset in real estate, but how teaching techniques might be helpful is less obvious.

“Selling and/or Buying a home is one of the biggest and most important financial decision people will make,” she says. “As I see it, a major part of my job is to make sure that my clients feel 100 percent comfortable because I’ve made certain that they fully understand every aspect of that decision.”


It didn’t take long for Mogensen to realize just how useful this previous experience would be in her new career.

“My very first transaction was with a young teacher and her fiancé,” she says. “They were right out of college and first-time homebuyers. I loved being able to walk them through the process and essentially ‘teach’ them how it all works.”

Just as she had in her previous positions, Mogensen enthusiastically absorbed all she could about the real estate business.

Although now with West USA, when first starting out Mogensen was with a small independent brokerage known as Clients First Realty. There for just under a year, she says it was a good launching pad and she met some wonderful people.

“It’s a great company,” she says, “very small. The owner was awesome, the designated broker paid for me to go through the Brian Buffini Program. However, eventually I reached the point where I knew I needed more support, training and more exposure to various aspects of the business.”

Mogensen says “more” is exactly what she’s found at West USA. In fact, the support, training and other educational opportunities she believes, have played a tremendous role in how quickly she’s grown her business.

While still a newbie, she was also fortunate to find support and friendship in a more experienced agent, Sue Person.

“She was an amazing mentor,” says Mogensen. “She’s also affiliated with West USA and was the one to point me here. I feel like I’ve learned so much from her. Currently, I have eight agents that I coach. It’s time-consuming but I love it! I love watching people grow their business and come to realize that there’s more to real estate than real estate school.”


Expertly utilizing both her business and teaching skills, as well as the knowledge specific to real estate, Mogensen has been a rising star, skyrocketing to success virtually from day one. Always striving to learn and grow, Mogensen was anxious to earn her GRI certification which she has done.

Today, she heads up her own team with their own unique look, style and branding. While Team Pink RE reflects Mogensen’s playful, outgoing side and the color certainly is eye-catching, there’s a much deeper and poignant reason for the choice.

“I’m very proud and excited about Team Pink RE,” she says. “Pink is my favorite color, but more importantly, I chose it to honor my sister who is a breast cancer survivor. My best friend from high school is as well; in fact, she’s gone through it twice.”

Actually, as Mogensen goes on to reveal, there are many members of her extended family who have all gone through the ravages of this horrible disease.

“I wanted to be an agent with a cause,” she says. “I want to be known for more than my work ethic or how successful I am. I want to let people understand that I care deeply about many things. Because cancer has touched so many people in my life, I felt that would be a good cause to fight.”

For the annual DBacks Race Against Cancer, Mogensen had over 20 people participating, all dressed in matching t-shirts in her signature pink.

Though it’s apparent Mogensen has a head for business, in real estate, just as in every other aspect of her life she puts her faith first.

“I’m a Christian first and foremost,” she says proudly. “Whatever I do, I want to reflect my beliefs. When I designed my team, that was one of the criteria. I explained that we are Christ-centered. That doesn’t mean you have to be Christian to be on my team, but team members must understand my beliefs and where I’m coming from. If you’re a good agent with a good work ethic, I’m still going to hire you.”


As much as she loves her work, she is not a workaholic. Her life is family centered. She loves spending time with them or at her “second home” – the tennis court.

“In addition to tennis, I adore the two loves of my life – my husband, David, and the Lord,” she says. “With three daughters, one son, two sons-in-law, and three grandchildren with another on the way, I am blessed beyond measure!”

“I have lived in many different states across the country,” she says. “But of all the places, Arizona is my absolute favorite and one I’m proud to call home!”

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