Real Estate Agent Magazine sat down with Dawn David, an associate broker at Corcoran with over two decades of expertise in New York real estate.

REAM: What inspired you to become a real estate agent, and how did you get started in the industry?

DD: I started my career working for Maurice Villency, a pioneer in the contemporary furniture field. While working at the company, I had the opportunity to decorate the house of a well-known celebrity from top to bottom. I achieved the single biggest sale in the company’s history. While working in design, I learned – and fell in love with – the world of high-end properties. Learning about the various design genres and property types made me realize how unlimited real estate careers could be. I transitioned into a sales career and knew I could bridge my skills from my design experience to benefit future clients.

I started at Citi Habitats, focused on rentals, and quickly worked my way into an on-site Leasing Director Role overseeing lease-ups of multiple luxury properties. Then, I became a Sales Broker for new development projects.

REAM: Can you tell us about some of the most memorable deals you’ve brokered in New York City?

DD: Every deal has a unique story and challenges that require agility to overcome. Certain deals stand out for their adversity, but I’m just as proud of my new development sales as my rental deals because they are about the end-user and quality of life in their new homes.

REAM: What strategies do you use to create value for your clients across different types of properties?

DD: I aim to always provide a one-stop shop where clients can verbalize their needs and get an education on the market. I don’t want my clients to be stressed, so I go through a rigorous home prep process for listings and coordinate their moves. Following a consultation, I map out a strategy for each new client based on their property type, timeline, and goals. This is the fun part!

REAM: What do you believe is the key to building and maintaining a loyal clientele in the competitive New York City real estate market?

DD: Being proactive, confident, knowledgeable, honest, reliable, and trustworthy is vital, as well as always perfecting your follow-up. I encourage anyone interested in the industry to jump in the game as early as possible, be inquisitive, network, find mentorship, and never give up.

REAM: What advice would you give to someone looking to start a career in New York City real estate?

DD: There is no time like now to jump right in, seek mentorship, and take advantage of classes and networking opportunities. The odds will be in your favor if you do as much as possible to be visible, inquisitive, and open to new listings, partnerships, and collaborations. I also recommend telling everyone that you’re looking to get into real estate, and once you’re ‘in it’, hit the phones, emails, and hand out your cards in case anyone can refer business to you. You truly never know where the next lead can come from!

REAM: What is something your colleagues would be surprised to learn about you?

DD: Surprisingly, I am super-sensitive and have a genuine soft spot for the Senior Community! I also love connecting by phone; I am always open to picking up the phone, while many prefer texting. There is nothing like a good old-fashioned voice to get a sense of how someone is doing.

REAM: Tell us a bit about yourself outside the office.

DD: I love to travel and explore new restaurants. I also enjoy spending time in my garden, which I’m lucky to have in Brooklyn. There is something so therapeutic about planting beautiful flowers, tending to them, and watching them grow. It is so satisfying when someone compliments my flowers at a dinner party, and I can say that they’re ‘from the garden.’

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Dawn David

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Real Estate Agent Magazine sat down with Dawn David, an associate broker at Corcoran with over two decades of expertise in New York real estate.

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