Want to Kill It on Social Media? Here’s What Agents Need to be Posting for Success

Social media for real estate agents can be a powerful marketing tool. But, it can also be totally overwhelming and leave agents completely perplexed on how to navigate the creation of a good post.

In the days of Covid, social media is where many agents are turning to, now more than ever, to market to their local buyers and sellers. It is a great way to reach your local audience and build your lead gen if you know how to do it right.

But so many agents just don’t have the time, the budget to hire out help, or the will to sit down and create some cool looking graphics, and that is if they can even come up with some ideas of what to post.

If this sounds familiar, keep reading.

If you are an agent looking to expand your marketing to social platforms like Instagram or Facebook, or have been using these platforms, but seeing no real results, look no further than these helpful tips on how to create a buzzing and thriving social media.

5 Best Types of Content for Social

  • Local Community And Lifestyle Content
  • Real Estate Tips
  • Current Market Listings
  • Pretty Homes And Decor
  • YOU!

No. 1: Local Community & Lifestyle Content

So let’s start with number 1. You are a LOCAL agent. Key word = local. You represent a figure that should know everything there is to know about your community and you want to be the face of that figure.

When you are posting local and lifestyle information, you are establishing yourself as the area expert and making it more likely that your local community of buyers and sellers will find you on social media. This type of information is also of value to your followers, so they will want to stay tuned in.

No. 2: Real Estate Tips

You are trying to sell real estate. That means your audience wants to learn some valuable information from you, the expert. Share tips that are general and tips that are local for your area. Be their source of information and you will find the real buyers and sellers of your community.

No. 3: Current Marketing Listings

The third type of content to post is current listings. It does not matter how many listings you have or do not have. People are on your feed because they have an interest in your market and love scrolling through listings. So even if you do not have your own listings, borrow some from your office agents and make sure to tag them. You will still come off as a super helpful agent that provides all the local listings, and that is what matters.

No. 4: Pretty Homes & Decor

Next, post pretty pictures of home and decor. People LOVE scrolling beautiful home designs and getting inspired to create a beautiful living space. These are where you might find your most likes, saves, and comments on your page. And that’s great! So share others inspiring photos or snap some up from your local home tours. Just make sure to tag the photographer or designer. You want to give credit where it is due and tagging increases your shot at being tagged back with a thank you and more followers!

No. 5: You

And last, but not least, your followers want to get to know YOU! YOU are your brand. YOU are the agent that they are going to come to know and trust and want to do business with. So let your followers in on some snapshots of your life. Instagram Stories is a great place to do this. You can share your day to day activities as an agent and share behind the scenes snapshots, and then come home and show off that amazing pasta dish you whipped up!

Keep it Visual

Final tip, m ake sure your content is cohesive and looks nice. Instagram is a visual platform.

The best accounts are the ones that have a brand: A color scheme, same fonts, style or even filter. Use a design software like Canva, to create really fun and original content. You can implement all the above tips, but if your photos and graphics are boring, amateur or inconsistent, you may lose those potential followers, aka, leads.

If you are choosing to use social media as a marketing strategy for your business, make sure to follow these tips. But don’t forget, you have to treat it like a marketing plan. That means planning out your content in advance, coming up with thoughtful captions, researching the best hashtags and engaging on your social media everyday. No posting and ghosting.

Don’t have the time or a big budget to create a successful social media feed? Check out creative ways to outsource the work.

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