Top 6 Residential Real Estate Niches for Agent Brands

What are the top residential real estate niches agents should consider creating for their brand? Here are a few real estate niches residential agents could potentially consider when branding their business.  

  • One-Mile Radius 
  • Single Families
  • Investors
  • Find a Common Thread Item Across All Properties
  • Offer Virtual Experiences
  • Comfort Homes

residential real estate niches

One-Mile Radius

Our landlord has spent the last forty years buying, renting, and dominating commercial properties within a one-mile radius in South Scottsdale. You enter into his office, and there’s a wood-carved map of that one-mile radius. Honestly, the dedication and commitment behind the strategy is inspiring. Plus, if you want property in South Scottsdale, the monopoly he has on the neighborhood inspires phone calls, which is what residential real estate agents want. If you are looking for a niche, consider carving out a one-mile radius on a map and making your brand be about that area. 

— Brett Farmiloe, Markitors

Single Families

The demand for single-family, detached homes continues to strengthen in our market. Other top considerations include properties offering desirable amenities within walking distance or nearby access to resorts, parks, and other outdoor attractions, and larger lots that provide more space for family activities.

— Rod Cullum, Cullum Homes


Heading into 2021 it seems clear that there will be an increase in distressed homeowners. Housing has been on the upswing for years and many speculate that we are going to see another 2008 crash soon. This is where the line of agents and investors tend to cross over and neither one is great is doing what the other one does. The average agents tend to struggle navigating situations like foreclosure or properties in poor condition. They are hard to sell for top dollar, there are a lot of steps and extra paperwork involved, additional risk, etc. That’s when investors or cash buyers can come in and help. In preparation for this next year or future years, agents should consider being the go-to realtor for these kinds of homeowners. Invest in education to learn if you haven’t. Build up a good cash buyers list you can leverage and become a resource for investors to find properties.

— Phil Bryson, Easy AZ Home Buyer

Find a Common Thread Item Across All Properties

You have the realtor who loves luxury homes, the realtor who is all about finding Beadle architecture, and the realtor who has niched themselves as the flipper. These are all fantastic niches, but they are becoming oversaturated. My standout niche advice is to find a common thread item that you can highlight across neighborhoods, home types, and values. Such as being the agent who crafts the best “life tales” for what a house can be, or a tongue-in-cheek agent who can find a hilarious aspect about each property and oversell that in visuals and descriptions.

— Hana Ruzsa Alanis, Graphic Designer & Marketing Specialist

Offer Virtual Experiences

When working in residential real estate customer experience is everything. With Covid and social distancing causing industries like this to adapt having a virtual setup is a big differentiator. If you are in the real estate area you should be using and promoting a virtual reality (VR) walk-through of your listed properties. VR is a cornerstone of training and tours, especially now in this social setup. So, as a person in this industry, you should be embracing immersion type technologies to really set yourself apart from every other realtor out there.  

— Mark Smith, UAT

Comfort Homes

2020 saw many people spending a lot more time in their homes than they ever thought they would. And this made many of them realize that they’ve been overlooking the creature comforts that would make their home a comfortable place to spend the vast majority of their time in. 2021 should be the year of people making sure that their homes are places that they\’d be ok holing up in for, say, a nine-month lockdown. Real estate agents should tackle the niche of comfort homes. These are homes that are comfortable and cozy but spacious enough so all members of the family have their own space.

— Mark Varnas, Red9

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