Top 10 Tech Tools For Real Estate Agents

What is the top tech tool you’d recommend for a real estate agent? With technology being a staple in the world of business, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest tools to help with the job. 

To help real estate agents integrate technology into their business, we asked other real estate agents and business professionals this question for their best tips. From automated invoicing to getting help from a virtual assistant, there are several tools that may help you for growing your business.  

Here are ten tech tools for real estate agents: 

  • Process Documents With Ease
  • Train Against Phishing
  • Automate Invoicing
  • Manage Client Keys
  • Keep Track of Emails
  • Create High-Quality Images
  • Enable Work on the Go
  • Get Help From a Virtual Assistant
  • Get Leads in the Area
  • Optimize Your Online Presence

tech tools for real estate agents

Process Documents With Ease 

For real estate agents looking for top tech tools to improve clients’ home buying or selling experience, I would recommend the iFax app. This online application is a great faxing solution for sending and receiving relevant real estate forms, close deals, and contracts. I have found the tool extremely useful when trying to create efficiencies for document processing, and the tool has been helping Realtors and Real Estate companies for over a decade. 

Eli Patashnik, iFax

Train Against Phishing 

Phishing training for your real estate agents. With the number of documents being signed, you need to ensure your people are trained on how to protect themselves online to prevent a potential data breach from a cyber attack that exposes sensitive client information. A cyber attack could be crippling to any real estate company.

Nick Santora, Curricula

Automate Invoicing

Helping businesses in the real estate sector for the past 10 years has made me realize that invoicing is one front that needs perfection to sustain in marketing. Our software has a drag–and–drop interface. The in-built library of tons of templates is a huge plus point. It supports customization in every possible manner. This tech tool will make your real-estate business go paperless completely. After the implementation of an invoicing software, making automated, accurate, and timed invoicing is very much possible. 

Eden Cheng, WeInvoice

Manage Client Keys

I would recommend that any estate agent looks into using a key management platform. A key management platform makes it easy to keep track of your keys. You know where they are at all times, who has them, and when they’ll be returned. This also tracks and stores the data so that, at any point, you’re able to see who had which key at what time. If one goes missing, you’ll know who has it or which member of staff has lost it. If your platform is anything like, you’ll also get automated reminders so that you never forget to return a key. Similarly, management will get notification of late keys and they’ll be able to chase their teams so that the keys can be returned to the office. I would always recommend that both real estate agents and rental agents shop around for a key management platform that works for them. 

Aaron Cambden, Fairview Estates

Keep Track of Emails 

Real estate agents tend to deal with a lot of different customers, which can become quite confusing and even difficult to keep track of who they have and have not answered. Therefore, I believe that some of the best tech tools that real estate agents should use are those which help with the management of emails and other communications. Communication is a big part of running every business, and when you’re dealing directly with your consumers– and a lot of the communications are done online beforehand– it’s that much more important. If you have access to tools that allow you to communicate more effectively, or to help you to see where you can improve your communications, you’re sitting on a hypothetical goldmine in terms of growing your business as well as your reputation.

Tarah Darge, Time to Reply

Create High-Quality Images

The real estate market is super hot and realtors need to get their listings seen now! Nothing attracts buyers like high-res images and HD videos of homes for sale. Sure, photos are quick to snap, but videos attract more buyers. When you’re on the road most of the day, using a mobile app to create those videos is a must-do. With apps like Adobe Premiere Rush and Magisto, you can create high-quality tours and walk-throughs on your phone. Polishing up your video presentations is made easy with filters, text, logos, and music. Once your feature is complete, load it up to your social media and watch the responses come in!

Tyler Forte, Felix Homes

Enable Work on the Go 

The mobile Compass app is the top tech tool for a real estate agent. This amazing resource means that an agent always has access to their data in one place and it also provides them with key information about each property so they can make valuable decisions on the spot! It’s especially helpful when you’re out of the office or driving around town or even taking a break from work.

Altay Gursel, Metriculum

Get Help From a Virtual Assistant 

Real estate agents are constantly on the go. Whether they’re meeting with a client, showing a home, or working with a lender, a lot of people demand their time and attention. It’s easy for important lead opportunities to be lost through missed calls or insufficient information when a real estate agent has such a packed schedule. By implementing a 24/7 live chat service on their real estate website, they can ensure that they never miss a lead again and that potential clients and partners will always receive immediate assistance and feedback.

Jessica Wise, HelpSquad

Get Leads in the Area

Curb Call is an amazing tech tool that we can recommend to real estate agents for a certain reason. With the help of this tool, you can receive an alert from a buyer who needs to see a place right away. Here real estate agents can select the option that they’re available to show nearby homes, and if a purchaser is supposed to see something near you right away, you’ll get a notification. By using this software as a real estate agent you can enhance the quality of your work  and therefore win the potential buyer’s trust as they can rely upon you whenever needed. There are no second thoughts about the fact that immediacy in response is always good when it comes to dealing with clients and improving the quality of the whole working process. You can now use this platform to connect with buyers in real-time. All those customers who don’t have a go-to agent will love to try out this tool as it provides them with what they look for within the convenience of an instant response.

Caroline Lee, CocoSign

Optimize Your Online Presence 

Google My Business is for local merchants. A real estate agent deals with people looking for local housing. On your Google My Business page, you can list your regular hours and holiday hours. You can have testimonials from previous clients and images showcasing your homes for sale. The Google My Business team is supportive of users’ needs should you run into problems. Today, Google My Business is like a White Pages for local vendors. For all these reasons, I recommend Google My Business.

Janice Wald, Mostly Blogging Academy

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