Make Your Next Open House Twice As Successful With The Right Co-Host

Even though most homebuyers start shopping for their next home online, serious buyers will usually make an offer within ten weeks of beginning their search. Although some shoppers may ask you for a private showing, many will take note of the property’s next Open House and plan to attend.

During an Open House visit, some of these prospects may decide that they’re ready to prepare a serious offer for the home. Having a dependable loan officer be your co-host at the event will provide these buyers with personal loan consultations “on the spot,” and even the opportunity to begin a loan pre-qualification. Offering these services will help to bring buyers closer to making an offer and give you more time to answer questions about the property.

Having a loan officer at your event also enables you to identify the serious prospects from the window shoppers and curious neighbors that always show up.

Here are some other smart reasons to have a skilled, reliable loan originator co-host your Open Houses when possible.

Half-price marketing materials

Chances are your loan officer co-host will have access to professionally-produced Open House flyers and marketing materials. Generally, these feature photos and a description of the property, and you and your loan officer will have equal billing to ensure RESPA compliance. Flyers provide an effective take-home for visitors and co-marketing saves money, as the two of you will split costs 50-50.

Safety in numbers

Nobody likes to think that they might be at risk during an Open House event, and these events are extremely rare. But having a loan officer as a backup helps to provide personal safety during an Open House, especially if you’re in a less populated area. They can also be there for you before and after the event. Your loan officer can help you go through every room and closet of the house before you begin greeting visitors and before you lock up for the day.

No lonely visitors

What if you’re busy showing the second-story rooms of a property, or a popular feature like an outdoor kitchen, when new visitors arrive? When you team up with a loan officer as your co-host, he or she will be at the front door to greet them, offer refreshments, and make a positive first impression. You won’t have to worry about unattended visitors wandering around feeling neglected. When your Open House visitors return home and compare notes, your event will be remembered as the place where they received twice the attention.

Be the hosts with the most

Teaming up with one of your favorite loan officers, together with providing visitors with other extras such as refreshments, will make your event the first one more prospects choose. When they look over the day’s Open Houses, they’ll see listings that will provide visitors with complimentary financing consultations, cold drinks and more – and those that don’t. Which will they head to first?

Stay online all the time

Even if you bring a fully-charged cell phone and/or tablet to your Open House, these can go dead or malfunction before the end of the day. You can rely on your loan officer to have cyber-backup for you to call your seller, look up information online, and keep you safe as well.

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