LinkedIn Social Selling for Agents – It’s Relational, Not Transactional

Nobody ever went on LinkedIn to buy a house or get a mortgage – but they do go on LinkedIn to “find a real estate expert.”  A real estate agent with a 100% complete LinkedIn profile who makes 1-2 posts per day on LinkedIn can really stand out as an expert – by sharing your knowledge, experience, and professionalism. LinkedIn is all about building a large professional network (relationships) of both business and consumer referral partners.  The consumer that wants to buy a house will most likely has a current LinkedIn profile that lists their employment. When you connect with the consumer on LinkedIn – you will be able to see many or all their co-workers, which can become a significant source for real estate referrals (social selling).

I’ve given over 500+ public social media marketing seminars given since 2009, and I generally tell my audience that the SINGLE most important slide in my “LinkedIn Essentials for Realtors” presentation seminars is the one about social selling for real estate agents.

Latest Listings Don’t Count

I cannot tell you how many real estate agents believe that social media marketing for agents includes posting a link to your latest listing on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has close to 700 million global users now in 2020 – and most LinkedIn users will tell you that they do not like and do appreciate seeing real estate listings here. LinkedIn started as a “jobs and resume” database over 18 years ago – and has become one of the largest global social media websites in the world. LinkedIn one of the places where people go every day to find a real estate expert, but LinkedIn is NOT where people search for real estate listings.

Let’s Talk About Business

People are on LinkedIn to talk about business! You will rarely see pictures or posts of summer vacations, posts about politics, or photos of the “lobster mac n’ cheese” someone had for dinner last night. LinkedIn is NOT Facebook! First impressions are critical when people are looking for a real estate expert.  So, the key is to fill in the information in every part of the LinkedIn profile, including any special certifications or designations you may have earned as a licensed agent.

Social Selling

What is social selling for real estate agents on LinkedIn? Think of effective social selling for agents in terms of “How does a change in life result in a change in real estate?” If you explain one bullet point at a time how you help people during this change in their life, you will be seen as a knowledgeable real estate expert in the industry.  I recommend posting these examples below 1-2 times per week (or more) on LinkedIn. People login to LinkedIn at different times of the day and week – many using the LinkedIn app – so this will provide more options and opportunities for your posts to be seen.

Reach 60% of Your Network

Generally, you will reach about 60% or more of your LinkedIn network each week with your message (posts). So, if you have 1,000 people in your LinkedIn network (address book), roughly 600 people per week will see your messages – helping you stay top of mind. And, not surprisingly, many referrals of business on LinkedIn come from your first degree connections (people already in your LinkedIn address book) who recommend you to someone in their network (second degree connections).

A Picture is Worth 85% Engagement

When you post on LinkedIn, always try to ADD an image or photo to get as much as 85% engagement versus a “text only” message.  Type as you would talk – always use a very friendly conversational tone. And at the end of your post, include your contact information — BOTH phone and email address (make it easy for people to contact you).

Some Post Starters

Social Selling? Don’t sell me something, SOLVE me something! Below is a list of conversation starters (posts) for LinkedIn – again think in terms of “how does a change in life result in a change in real estate.”

Start your posts with “Who do you know who…” Who do you know who is recently engaged or married? As a local agent, I specialize in helping many first-time homebuyers and I also work with several mortgage lenders who offer low and no down payment options. Contact me today at (555)555-1212 or #firsttimehomebuyer #realtor #mortgage

More examples

  1. Who do you know who is going through divorce? In my role as a real estate agent, I can provide a broker price opinion – which can be more accurate than some of the online home value estimating tools like Zillow. Contact me today to learn more…
  2. Who do you know whose family size is increasing (or decreasing)?
  3. ….just got a raise or promotion or transfer…
  4. ….passed away or entered long term care…
  5. ….wants to vacation or invest in property…

By varying these posts on LinkedIn — (1) you are asking your network to help you, and telling them specifically what kind of referrals you are looking for; (2) demonstrating your knowledge and expertise about how you assist people in your network; and (3) reaching hundreds (thousands?) of people each week in your network (for FREE) and becoming top of mind!

5-10 minutes a day is all it takes with a little practice — It is very easy to use the LinkedIn App on your smartphone! Every phone call, every meeting, every person you speak to about buying, listing, or selling real estate can be turned into a LinkedIn post. Do you help veterans? Again, this is a very simple post to share – explain how you help our military!  Or medical professionals? Talk about how you can help people in the health care as this industry seems to be growing constantly.

Using the free LinkedIn account is one of the easiest ways to put your messages about what you are working on each week in front of hundreds and possibly thousands of people. With record low interest rates and people hoping to own their own homes, rather than rent – there has never been a better time to explain how you help people with real estate transactions. So, “let’s get LinkedIn” as I say!

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