Karen Davis: Inspiriting Innovation

Karen DavisReal Estate Agent Magazine Publisher Judith Dickson sat down with interior designer, Karen Davis, to discuss her career and her aspirations for the future. 

REAM: What first drew you to the interior design profession?

KD: As a teenager, my best friend’s designer mom was an expansive mentor.  She took to me jobsites and to the design center and showed me what it meant to be a creative problem solver.  I couldn’t wait to learn more!

REAM: Did you have a different career before working in the interior design industry?

KD: I am from and attended college in Southern California – I worked at A&M Records, in television production and for American Express Publishing for Travel & Leisure and Food & Wine Magazines. I met another mentor in publishing who encouraged me to pursue a second degree in interior architecture and interior design from UCLA and work toward my goals.

REAM: What has it been like working in a recovering industry and economy?

KD: Exciting!  It is wonderful that the Litchfield County, Connecticut real estate market is recovering from the recent economic downturn.  Our customers are a mix of NYC weekenders and Connecticut residents.  Many are using their homes in new ways, which is inspiriting renovation, updating, or renters who want to purchase homes in the area.

REAM: What can interior designers do to help educate their clients?

KD: There are many decisions that are made along the way. Being upfront and honest about the choices and giving options available in (style and budget) makes decision making easier!

REAM: How would you describe the culture or brand of your interior design company?

KD: Davis Raines Design is a professional design service that creates dream interiors for busy homeowners.

REAM: What do you enjoy most about your day-to-day work?

KD: Collaboration with clients to envision their spaces in a new way – also working remotely!

REAM: Are there any changes coming in the near future that you’re excited to announce?

KD: Definitely! I can’t wait to share more information with you when plans are closer to their unveiling.

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