Joint Marketing: The Gift That Can Deck Your Walls With Sales Awards

Since the holiday season is here, I’d like to wish my readers a happy and lucrative 2020. I’d also like to tell you how teaming up with your favorite Loan Officers can be a terrific gift … not quite as good as a puppy, but almost.

How joint marketing can keep your commissions jingling all year

Chances are, you already refer most of your buyers to one or two reliable, savvy loan officers. When you team up with one of these loan officers to market your services together, it’s called joint marketing. It’s a win-win strategy, as this introduces prospects to your properties, together with a reliable source who can help them acquire the funds to buy them.

Joint marketing with the right loan officer can save you time and money, as many have access to a library of joint marketing materials. Often all you’ll need to do is provide photos and details of your properties, along with your own contact details, and to contribute to the costs of producing them. Loan officers with a savvy marketing department will have access to tools that can connect directly with your MLS listings to create these materials even easier.

Here are some ways joint marketing can heat up your sales like the office party mistletoe.

1. Team up for a first-time homebuyer workshop

Since renters often think they can’t buy a home without a big down payment, ask your preferred loan officer to kick off your next homebuyer workshop. After your audience learns all about low down payment options, tell them how you’ll help them find a great starter home.

After the workshop, you and your loan officer can team up to create follow-up emails. You’ll need two versions: one for those who attended and those who registered but weren’t able to attend. Don’t forget to add these new prospects into your CRM database so that you can keep in touch with a drip marketing campaign.

2. Double up on social media postings

Supplement your social media postings by following your joint marketing partners on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn so you can easily share their relevant posts with your followers.

Short on content? Closing day group photos are ideal for social media posts. Include your happy client, loan officer, and yourself. If you’ve just sold them a photogenic property, use it as a background. After you post the photo, be sure to link your link to your loan officer and homebuyer(s). Be sure to obtain their permission before tagging them. (Don’t know how to create social media tags? Click here to learn how.)

3. Co-host Open House events

Inviting a savvy loan officer to co-host your next Open House will increase your chances for a faster sale. Serious potential buyers can discuss financing with your co-host. When you’re showing one area of the home to prospects, your co-host can cover for you by greeting new visitors. And when you’re saying goodbye to visitors, offer them a co-branded flyer that highlights your property’s best features and a couple of loan scenarios for reference.

4. Stay in touch with buyers after property sales

If both you and your loan officer create a post-sale campaign, it can boost your repeat and referral business. Email seasonal gardening and home maintenance tips, snail-mail a birthday card, and send a yearly anniversary email on the day they closed the purchase of their home.

Legal stuff to remember

Be sure to discuss the RESPA regulations that govern the content and cost management of joint marketing materials with your company’s marketing or compliance department. Ricky Cheath

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