How to Elevate the Consumer Journey and Increase Sales Conversion

Technology has become the driving force behind the growth of many businesses. Companies across nearly every sector are using technology to automate and streamline processes, create new efficiencies, interact with consumers, and provide a better overall experience. In real estate specifically, technology has been at the forefront of much needed improvements and progression and continues to transform the way we buy, sell, and search for real estate.

Over the past decade, there have been significant strides in how brokerages and agents utilize technology. It is often – at the most basic levels – incorporated into agents’ sales and marketing funnels. From websites to eblasts and newsletters, agents have invested time in creating customized content that aims to attract new clients. However, despite these advancements, there is still plenty of room to revolutionize the way technology is used to both market and sell real estate.

Now more than ever, it’s faster and easier to connect with potential buyers, and keep up to date on what’s happening in the market. Yet sometimes, we can be blinded by the chaos and forget that buyers are consumers of goods and services, and to successfully communicate with them, we must remember the human aspect.  As such, the sales and marketing process needs to focus more on personalization, evoking a sense of empathy and creating an elevated and humanized consumer journey.

It’s no surprise that marketing plays an integral role in the entire real estate process, as it’s the primary method of communication between you and potential prospects. Today, with technology at our disposal, digital marketing remains a driving force in shaping the way we interact with our target audiences.  With more technological innovations forthcoming, digital marketing will continue to be the primary method used to generate qualified leads and convert them into successful sales.

The advancements in digital marketing allow us to collect invaluable data that explains the thoughts, feelings, needs and desires of homebuyers. By utilizing this data, agents can develop tailored buyer profiles. Determining traits such as location, price point, square footage, and other details, allow you to accurately deduce what characteristics may impact a buyer’s decision-making process. Through various digital marketing tactics, you can effectively collect information and data about what inspires your consumers and what prompts engagement.

You need to utilize today’s technology to elevate the consumer journey, optimize engagement and increase conversion. Using real-time data, you can effectively generate leads and nurture prospects based on behaviors, interactions and touchpoints.

So how can utilizing cutting-edge technology increase conversion rates?

Simply put, by streamlining the sales funnel. To get there, it’s first important to understand the role that digital marketing plays in full funnel optimization. The biggest goal of any digital marketing campaign is to generate traffic and create new leads that ultimately result in sales. A strong digital presence is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience, but in the current crowded landscape, it’s important to provide numerous touchpoints – both online and offline. Touchpoints should be personalized across each step of the consumer journey as these greatly contribute to the decision-making process.

Digital marketing is a tool that will continue to have a profound impact on the way we market and sell real estate. Most importantly, it will allow agents to intelligently connect with buyers through analytics, which in turn, provides a more comprehensive understanding of buyers’ demands. Through distinct algorithms, agents can glean valuable insights and effective data about buyers, sellers and renters.

Understanding that not every consumer’s journey will be the same is also an important factor to consider. Today’s consumers expect a certain level of personalization, and with the tools and technologies available, lead nurturing has become much simpler. A successful lead nurturing campaign focuses on listening to the needs of prospects and providing the appropriate information and answers – it’s about building trust and maintaining connection until that prospect is interested in making a purchase. New marketing automation platforms allow teams to develop flexible communication practices tailored to where a buyer is in their purchase process. Not only can you personalize interactions with interested buyers, but you can also use data to monitor their behaviors and interactions, optimizing future campaigns to fit their needs.

In order to create a successful funnel, it’s paramount for agents to bridge the gap between the often-siloed structure of sales and marketing. As the consumer journey continues to evolve, digital marketing strategies will play an instrumental role in creating unique buyer experiences.  By actively implementing digital tools, agents can more effectively source, identify and nurture prospective buyers, and increase sales conversion.

The technology and resources we have at our fingertips will undoubtedly reinvent the future of real estate.

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