How Social Media Can Increase Referrals

As real estate professionals, referrals are the bread and butter to keeping our businesses growing, so we put a lot of effort into increasing referrals. But sometimes it can feel little awkward asking (often multiple times) for your past or current clients to give you referrals. There has to be another way, right?

Well, it may take a little work on the front end, but social media and technology can be excellent tools to help generate new business and show yourself as a savvy professional to your current clients. Whether you’re looking for ways to make business a little more streamline, beef up your list of potential clients or effectively reach the referrals you already have, using social media as a resource is an excellent starting point.

Here are a few tips and tools to get you started.


If you don’t already have a Facebook business page, this is where you should begin. Simply head over to and click on pages. Facebook provides the information on how to use your page to spread the word, stay in touch with your previous customers and more. You can add pictures, videos and even live stream, so that potential customers can see what you’ve done in the past and get a peek into your real estate expertise.

Having a Facebook page is an easy way to help your past and current clients refer you on to friends and family. Asking them to like your business page and or @mention you as a component in their house hunt/selling experience is a quick and easy way for your business to catch the eyes of hundreds of potential clients.

Finally, experimenting with both Facebook and Instagram ads is an easy way to reach specific demographics online. These ads allow you to specify geographical location, age, gender and more to reach your target demographics and hopefully generate a few potential clients as well.


If you’re not already using apps in your real estate business, it’s time to begin. Here are a few apps that can help you add a little boost to your marketing and referral ideas or simply streamline what you’re already doing.

Name shark app: Ever forget someone’s name as soon as you meet them? It happens to us all once and a while, but remembering names and facts about the people you meet can be a game-changer for your business. Nameshark is an app that allows you to group the people you know and meet into categories as a point of reference. Pictures help you remember the face that goes with the name and little quizzes can keep you refreshed before heading into that open house or back-to-back showings.

Home snap app: The days of printing ever-changes listings are in the past; homesnap lets you bring the listings with you, allowing you to access MLS data from your mobile device. Additionally, you can stay connected with your clients through an in-app messenger to quickly and efficiently share listings you/they like, and communicate about past showings.

Postagram app: Looking for a simple way to send some snail-mail marketing done? Postagram lets you take a custom photo from Facebook, Instagram or your camera roll and turn it into a real postcard. You can add recipients directly from the app and have it mailed for $2/card within the United States.

Around me app: Often when choosing a new home, a potential buyer wants to know what the neighborhood is like, what there is to do, where they can eat and more. This app will help you tell them what’s around, and it’s a simple way for you to scope out neighborhoods without needing to physically drive around every home a buyer is considering.

Open home pro app: If you’ve been wondering when hosting an open house would meet the 21stcentury, it already has. Open Home Pro allows you to post about your open house, includes digital sign in for visitors, visitor notes, lead exporting, and more.


Maybe as you’ve perused this article, you’re in the overwhelmed camp and don’t quite know where or how to start with all this social media stuff. A great place for you to begin is This website helps you create marketing material, includes marketing plans, and helps with lead generation and social media. The best part, signing up is free.

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