Hilary Farnum-Fasth: A True Mastery of Luxury Real Estate

We sat down with Hilary Farnum-Fasth, broker and owner of Corcoran Reverie, a  locally owned high-end brokerage that specializes in the luxury home market in the greater Nashville area and across Northwest Florida. Hilary is locally renowned and nationally respected for her elevated service, marketing, and unrivaled expertise in representing exceptional properties. As a result of her decades of experience, Hilary has sold some of the area’s most significant homes while playing an integral role in shaping the built environment of the South Walton we know today.

REAM: What first drew you to work in the real estate industry?

HFF: My degree was focused on marketing and communication. After a stint working at Disney in their management program, I knew real estate would allow me to use the education I had received in a space that I was very interested in. Starting my real estate career in new development, I quickly realized that I was very good at my job and was extremely passionate about the real estate world. I did not know when I started where this career would take me, but I knew I was in the right place. I put my head down, got to work and the rest has been an amazing ride.

REAM: Tell us about your partnership with Jacob.

HFF: Jacob and I have been able to create a vigorous partnership that is unlike any we have witnessed in our industry. It is rare to see two top producers with their own thriving businesses set aside their egos and pride to come together for the greater good. We truly are stronger together and have been able to prove this through our success since joining forces in April 2020. We each have our own unique leadership styles that allows us to reach out clients and agents more dynamically when combined.

REAM: What has led Hilary and Jacob to such success so quickly?

HFF: Our ability to set aside any self-serving needs and focus on the greater good has allowed us to quickly succeed as a sales team and as leaders of Corcoran Reverie. We have been able to lean on each of our experiences, clients, and expertise to create opportunities in the market. Additionally, we are very like-minded and understand the work required to be successful in this competitive environment. We truly believe that when we focus on our clients, staff, and agents we can achieve the most success.

REAM: Tell us about your role as broker/owner. What is your style when overseeing the offices?

HFF: My leadership style is focused on an open-door policy. I am always available for our staff and agents. I lead by example while being continuously open to share my thoughts, ideas, and challenges to ensure Corcoran Reverie is successful. I am focused on growing a family of quality agents that have the best-in-breed support, training, and marketing available.

REAM: What is some of the best advice you’ve received or that you share with your team of agents?

HFF: Success is about putting in the work while remaining authentic to yourself. Authenticity is a crucial piece to serving your clients and improving client retention. This allows you to serve in the best possible manner while reaching your goals.

REAM: Tell us about an experience or challenge in your career that taught you a valuable lesson.

HFF: I am a risk-taker, and it has allowed Jacob and I to grow Corcoran Reverie to the successful company it is today. This mindset has put us on a path of moving too quickly from time to time, but I have learned you have to balance the right amount of strategy and planning with the proper timing to ensure not to miss an opportunity.

REAM: Tell us about one of your favorite, most challenging or most interesting sales.

HFF: We recently launched the marketing of one of the panhandle’s most unique opportunities, the private Bungalows of Black’s Island near Port St. Joe. Reigning on over seven acres, the island is now configured with 26 barrel-shaped bungalows in addition to a clubhouse, cabana, and relaxing pool all of which are interconnected by a 1,200+ foot cedar boardwalk system.

REAM: What aspect of the real estate industry do you enjoy most? New construction or luxury resale?

HFF: My career has been focused on the new construction side of the business. Fortunately, I work with builders and developers who build luxury new construction, so really, I get the best of both worlds. It is a unique skill set to market and sell new construction. With my clients, I have become an integral part of the process. I am intertwined into the whole progression of the project from land acquisition, home design, marketing and finally selling the homes.

REAM: How is your real estate career different today than you expected?

HFF: My real estate career has grown beyond far my expectations than when I first joined the industry. I have transitioned some of my time from solely selling, to managing and growing Corcoran Reverie. I am now met with new and exciting opportunities and challenges every day. I have been given the chance to work with incredible clients and amazing agents. Each relationship has sharpened me as an individual and made me a better businesswoman. My career path has led me to a remarkable partnership with Jacob and the road we are on to build Corcoran Reverie into a regional brand.

REAM: Of the recognitions you’ve received in your career, what are you most proud to have achieved?

HFF: I am most proud of the achievements the agents at Corcoran Reverie have been able to earn. I find the most joy of my career in seeing their hard work pay off and the successes of their businesses. I focus daily to ensure each of our agents have what they need to meet their goals, and it is truly amazing to see how hard work and dedication has led them to success.

REAM: Tell us about your work in the community. Which organization do you enjoy working with the most and why?

HFF: Community service has been one of the most important aspects of my career. I have focused my work and family life around community service throughout my entire career. We work closely with the Sonder Project at Corcoran Reverie. Sonder is focused on women and education, which I am very passionate about. This organization has allowed me to be an integral part of the group’s service model. I strongly encourage everyone to check out the Sonder Project and find a way to get involved. You can contribute by giving or even participating in a trek to East Africa to assist in building a school or well.

REAM: Tell us about your life outside real estate. Hobbies? Family? Travel?

HFF: I am married to my wonderful husband, Christoffer, and have three beautiful children: Faith, Ben and Sebastian. I do enjoy traveling with my family when time allows, but we also love being home as a family and spending time in our community. We are so blessed to live in South Walton and enjoy everything this incredible place has to offer.

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