Agent On The Rise Deb L’Esperance

Real Estate Agent Magazine Phoenix sat down with Deb L’Esperance to interview her for the March issue’s Agent on the Rise profile. L’Esperance discussed the origins of her real estate career along with her plans for the future and hopes for the industry in the Phoenix market.

REAM:Why did you decide to follow a career in real estate?

L’Esperance: I grew up in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. My love for this state, valley and community have cultivated my love for real estate. I have a heart for connecting singles, families, empty nesters and retired with a place for them to call home. I am challenged to find their dream home in the location they want at the price that fits their budget. I came from a corporate climate, but love working for the people in this valley.

REAM: As a young professional, what is one of the challenges you face in the industry? How do you overcome them?

L’Esperance: I’m not young so my biggest challenge is competing with millennials in this industry. Everyone is related to or knows a real estate agent. I pride myself on my product knowledge, experience and the giving of my time. I will not take on more work than I am comfortable with so that I can give each and every client my undivided attention.

REAM: Who are your real estate mentors? How do you seek to emulate them?

L’Esperance: To start out with, I have known the owners of WestUSA since the early ’80s. The owners, brokers, executive board and trainers are some of the most highly regarded real estate agents in the business. My personal growth comes from the people that surround me. Both inside and outside of my profession. I learn as much from clients as I do my colleagues.

REAM: What do you enjoy most about your day-to-day job?

L’Esperance: The variety! I enjoy the ever-evolving changes in style and design. The changing and building of communities. Real estate law, what new programs are available in lending for my clients. What the city can offer in home programs for clients who thought they could never own a home. Most importantly, I love relationship building, that’s my heart.

REAM: What career goals do you have for the next five years? The next 10?

L’Esperance: I see my business just skyrocketing with the never-ending growth and possibilities of this great city. We are the sixth largest in the United States to date, there is so much to tap into.

I would love to see my husband semiretired in 10 years and join me on this path of real estate for as long as I am able to.

REAM: Tell us about your first sale.

L’Esperance: My first sale is memorable in many ways. I lost my father during that transaction, in fact I was showing houses when I got the call. This adorable family was relocating from Prescott. Her husband had been working in Phoenix commuting for a year. They finally sold their home and was ready to search. They were a close friend of my daughters and I was so anxious to find them the perfect home. It took a few weeks of her coming down with her 3-monthold to finally find the right house. I was so happy to be able to negotiate a low price in a very demanding zip code. Their house sold after a few hiccups, but they were able to close in a short time frame.

We are still very close friends with this sweet family and share occasional holidays with them.

REAM: How are you involved in the local real estate community?

L’Esperance: I am part of the Women’s Council of REALTORS and sit on a focus group.

REAM: Are there any changes coming in the future that you’re excited to announce?

L’Esperance: Some marketing strategies. My business plan is forever evolving. Personally, I am very excited about getting involved in the purchase of property liens. May try a flip or two.

REAM: What are some of your hobbies outside of the office?

L’Esperance: Anything outdoors! Hiking, kayaking, biking. Traveling with family and friends. Always redesigning and decorating my home. I love Pinterest! Spending time with my four grandchildren. They are my joy!

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