Dawn Maddux: Building Relationships & Bringing Results

Real Estate Agent Magazine sat down with Montana’s top producer Dawn Maddux of Engel & Völkers to delve into her captivating journey through the real estate industry.

REAM: What inspired you to become a real estate agent, and how did you get started in the industry?

DM: Actually, I was inspired by the recession. I had a small marketing/media placement company. When the market crashed, I knew that marketing budgets would take a hit. So I got my license. I always knew it was an industry I would like… But didn’t realize I would have such passion for it. I love it. Every step, process and piece of it, start to finish.

REAM: Tell us how your prior career experience contributes to your real estate career.

DM: Marketing is my true passion. Real estate has been such a fun, lucrative journey, and I contribute my success to my marketing. And hard work, of course!

REAM: What motivated you to open your own real estate brokerage?

DM: I just knew I could do better. I love having the ability to call the shots, move quickly, make the decisions and lead the company in a positive direction.

REAM: Can you tell us about your most significant sale? What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?

DM: There have been a few! All with their own challenges. I would say the most significant was Shelter Island on Flathead Lake. I represented the buyer and seller on that one. Both are still my friends! The challenge was getting to a price that everyone was happy with… It took a little while. But in the end, I successfully brokered this iconic property sale and remained friends with the clients. That’s a successful transaction.

REAM: What prompted you to purchase the Engel & Völkers franchise for Western Montana in 2017? What advantages did you see in aligning with this brand, and how did you establish and expand your presence throughout Montana, Idaho, and Washington?

DM: This brand is like no other. The time, thought, energy, integrity, purpose our corporate office puts into all the details… That’s what makes this work. Growing the brand in my markets hasn’t been hard because we are so different than our competition. And our marketing… second to none.

REAM: As the top producing broker, could you discuss some strategies or practices that contributed to your success in carrying the largest number of listings within the company?

DM: Again, my marketing works. It gets me and my advisors in the door… our professionalism and proven success secures our listings. We build relationships and bring results.

REAM: What does it mean to be recognized by Newsweek as one of America’s Top Real Estate Professionals? How did this recognition impact your career and reputation within the industry?

DM: It means the absolute world to me to be recognized by such a reputable operation. I work so hard for my clients, my brokerage, my team… I’m not sure what the impact has been? I just keep swimming.

REAM: With your listings being featured in prestigious publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Mansion Global, and Architectural Digest, could you share some insights into your marketing strategies for local, regional, national, and global exposure?

DM: I secure the listings. E&V works hard on a corporate level to get these editorial features. They’re brilliant.

REAM: How are you involved in your community?

DM: Honestly, I work a lot. So I don’t have a ton of free time to be as involved as I’d like to in all of our communities… So I donate as much as I can to local organizations in our towns. I’m passionate about pretty much anything to do with kids. Last year I was recognized for donating the most amount to Special Olympics per transaction in the Americas for Engel & Völkers. That’s probably my most cherished award yet.

REAM: What is something your colleagues would be surprised to learn about you?

DM:  I’m kind of an open book so I don’t think there’s anything surprising? Maybe… That I worry about being poor. I actually obsess about it. We really struggled financially when I was growing up, and I’ve always been determined that my kids would have an easier life. That’s probably something not many people know. Oh, also, I cannot stand hearing people eat. It’s truly a weird thing – I can’t be in the same room with eating noises. So that’s something that makes it super awkward for my assistant – when he eats chips I think about killing him.

REAM: What are some aspects of your life outside of your real estate career that you would like to share with us?

DM: My family is the absolute most important aspect of my life. Despite my parenting mistakes… I have incredible adult children. All three are responsible, thoughtful, ethical, loving humans. How cool is that?! And my husband had always been so supportive… He’s my constant cheerleader and my best friend.

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