Dave Klug: Do Good, Good Flows Back

Recently, Real Estate Agent Magazine had the opportunity to speak with Dave Klug (second from left), real estate agent and team leader with Signature Real Estate Group in Las Vegas, Nevada. Before embarking on his now very successful real estate career, Klug was recognized as one of the best and most prolific graphic designer’s working on major accounts to create diverse and arresting advertising and marketing pieces. Today this same focus and dedication to detail benefits his ever-growing circle of satisfied clients.

REAM: Tell us a little about your career prior to becoming a real estate agent.

DK: I pursued visual communication and advertising. The gifts I picked up there were to listen with intent, to solve challenges, and the endless pursuit of providing others value. I was fortunate to surround myself with many great leaders to confide in, who are passionate, inspiring, and keen in delivery. Serving well-known companies and brands with a consistent pursuit of excellence was a privilege, and so delivering at your best in the creative and communication industry is the norm, and I’m fortunate in my lessons.

REAM: What prompted the change in careers?

DK: I was drawn to this career change and serving others years before it happened. When I saw a nationwide economic slowdown, I was in real estate school and preparing. When I jumped into the business, I was relentless about working hard and going the extra mile for others. I invested in delivering first class service by making the process as simple and stress free as possible. We deliver a smart, repeatable system and are fully committed to honoring and championing the client’s trust.

REAM:  Looking back, is there anything you might have done differently?

DK: I would have made the move years sooner. The valued clients, suppliers, gained expertise, and shared occasions are incredible. We’ve enjoyed great bonds in celebrating some awesome occasions. Delivering a home is an awesome honor. We’re fully connected to the results and investing in relationships to make great service personal.

REAM: What tools, marketing efforts or sales style has been most successful for you?

DK: Building relationships and treating our clients like kings and queens. We strive to make a positive impact. Asking the right questions, listening, and solving the challenge is what shapes me into a better person.

REAM: What do you enjoy most about real estate?

DK: Making a positive impact in the lives of others. Our clients trust and open up to us, allows us to make the process more rewarding and personal to them. With trust comes a greater privilege to strengthen bonds and deliver the results that are personal and that matter to the client.

REAM: Is real estate what you expected it to be?

DK: I have always been committed to learning, growing, and sharing what is best with others. As for the challenges, every lesson is worth the cost. I’m a believer that there is no such thing as a free education.

REAM: If anything, what surprised you most about being a real estate agent?

DK: Agents and coaching companies over complicate the process with scripts and selling to people. Our focus is on delivering and communicating results. Sure, some clients want to be sold, but in this scenario the very best the agent sees is a short-term gain but has lost trust. At worst, a failure to properly communicate costs everyone valuable time without any valuable result. This is why relationships matter more than transactions, and relationships are forever. I’ve been doing this long enough to know the business is unlimited, and so we want to see our clients win through expert advice, integrity and trust. We value relationships and trust. Trust is incredible as it allows us to go deeper and serve at a personal level.

REAM: What advice would you offer someone who, like you, might want to switch careers?

DK: Focus your energy on relationship building and how you can best serve others. Some of my best clients never bought a property from me, but they referred five people who bought, sold, and referred more people to me. When you do good things, good flows back to you. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated, and that’s how we are going to change this business. Creating and maintaining a positive relationship is forever.

REAM: What do you do in your spare time?

DK: Anything outdoors – running, hiking, backpacking, camping, biking, swimming, and lately, HITT training. I love to cook healthy, and host fun events with good food, great clients, friends and family.

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