Auctm is Organizing a Real Estate Masterclass On Hiring, Onboarding & Retaining Teams

In this series of Real Estate MasterClass, Auctm is collaborating with the top industry leaders to deep dive into the critical issues facing the realtors and discuss proven tips and tricks. This will be an opportunity for industry professionals to learn from the best practices of winning real estate teams in the United States.

The upcoming MasterClass will feature Don Weimer, VP of Technology & Analytics at Robert Slack LLC Robert (#1 Team Owned Brokerage nationally and in Florida) as keynote speaker on 20th May 2021 at 2 pm EST. In this new format of learning, Don will discuss processes of hiring, onboarding, employee satisfaction, and retention while building a real estate team.
The previous MasterClasses by Auctm witnessed over 500+ registrations and a remarkable engagement during the sessions. Keynote speakers – Chase Greene (Success Coach, The Figueroa Team), Abel Gilbert (Broker/Owner, ONEPATH Realty), and Bernie Gallerani (Broker, The Bernie Gallerani Team) shared their expertise, tips and covered high-impact themes such as agent connectivity, accountability, and productivity in real estate teams.

Auctm is an analytics platform for broker teams. It helps teams boost agent performance, improve agent accountability, predictably increase conversions, and grow their real estate business. The MasterClass series by Auctm is a step towards helping teams learn from the industry masterminds and adopt winning habits to grow their business.

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