5 Must-Use Tips to Turn Your Business Card into Your Best Marketing Real Estate (Pun Intended)

1. Remove Your Picture

You are taking up valuable space. Before websites and social media, this may have been useful. It is a good part of marketing to have a current picture on your website, so that clients feel like they know you before they know you. If you’ve handed them a business card, however, they’ve met you.

2. Stop Asking for Referrals

I’m not saying to actually stop asking for referrals that would be marketing suicide. I mean, stop asking for them on your business card. Let’s face it. The people who are going to refer you to their friends, family, coworkers, etc. have probably worked with you. You’ve sold their home or helped them find their dream home. They have your contact information. The people you hand your card to are the people you’ve just met. You’re trying to win their business, so stop skipping steps.

3. Use Both Sides of the Card

If you’re leaving the back blank, you’re wasting 50 percent of the space you have to market to potential clients. Use that space to share some unique information with them that may drive them to hold onto your card.

4. Leverage Technology

While QR codes have gone out of fashion – almost as quickly as they came in fashion – there still may be a use for them on business cards. If you don’t feel like a QR code is right, just listing the URL works as well. The important aspect to consider is where said QR code or URL brings them. Instead of just bringing them to your website, bring them somewhere they would want to go. For example, most people ask REALTOR®s about the market. They’re concerned with how it’s doing. When they ask that question, we all know they’re asking about their neighborhood and more specifically their own home.

Create a website or a sub-page within your website that addresses this question. For example, you could create the HowMuchIsMyHomeWorth.com website. Visitors could enter their address and get the live listings and sold and trend data from your MLS surrounding their home. This would give them a good idea of what their home is worth. The website could send all the information to their email and continue sending regular reports. Since you created the website, your branding and contact information are on every email they receive.

5. Less is Always More

Don’t go overboard with information. The card should be simple with the necessary information only. Don’t clutter your business card with information about yourself. Leave white space. Firstly, the white space is a good place for someone to write down some notes. Secondly, the card will look cleaner and more professional.

While technology continues forging ahead, leaving behind many of the old marketing mediums, the business card still stands strong. Make sure that you make good use of that real estate.

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