11 Niche Jobs in Real Estate

To help you discover lesser-known careers in the real estate industry, we asked real estate professionals and entrepreneurs for their best insights. From home staging to real estate photography, there are several careers that you can pursue that may help you branch out into the real estate industry. Here are 11 niche jobs in the real estate industry.

Home Stagers

Home stagers literally “set the stage” for a sale, making a house look more marketable and move-in ready to buyers. Their work often doesn’t get the credit it deserves, despite the fact that how a house is staged can have an outsized impact on how long it stays on the market and how much it sells for. Home stagers help spark home buyers’ imaginations, and the industry needs more of them.

Lily Yu, Oak Springs Realty

Marketing and Design

Marketing skills are essential for any successful realtor, so someone can make a successful career in the real estate industry through marketing and design. Videos, photos, and content for a realtor’s social pages can be a great way to get involved in the industry!

Loren Howard, Prime Plus Mortgages: Real Estate Note Investing

VR Video Production

Virtual reality video production is an unusual route worth pursuing in the real estate industry. As VR technology advances and the pandemic continues, virtual tours are becoming more popular in the world of real estate. These tours allow participants to experience properties in 3-D from afar and simulate the experience of taking a walk-through tour. Many prospective buyers enjoy the safety and convenience of online walk-throughs, and such services are a godsend to out-of-area buyers looking to avoid the logistics of arranging in-person tours. In the past couple of years, this service has become more common yet not so common that the market is saturated with providers. Creators who know how to produce and edit this kind of content could earn steady business by marketing to real estate professionals.

Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding

Transaction Coordinator

A transaction coordinator is the person who does the bulk of the administrative work for each transaction. They handle the paperwork, keep things organized, and are on top of all parties to make sure things that need to get done are done on time. This job is great for those with organizational skills and attention to detail. Agents and investors often hire people to do this for them because they’d rather focus on selling or growing their business.

Phil Bryson, Desert Pro Home Buyers

Home Services 

There are many home services that are fed by real estate transactions and overlooked because of this. The majority of our mold remediation projects come from home sales. In addition, every other home service, such as asbestos removal or radon mitigation, are fed by the real estate industry. For anyone who would like to get into the mix, but would rather not be an agent, or work in the office, consider finding a career in home services. 

Charles Leduc, Mold Busters

Real Estate Attorney

Becoming a real estate attorney calls for a lot more training and knowledge than other job roles in this field but it’s a great option for those looking to get into consulting. From advocating tenant rights, reviewing important documents, and advising investors before making a big purchase, this can be a fulfilling job for many.

Riley Beam, Douglas R. Beam, P.A.

Real Estate Appraiser

Some people in the real estate industry work as real estate appraisers. They assess the value of the property for tax purposes, for mortgages, or for litigation. Working as an appraiser usually requires a license.

Matthew Ramirez, Paraphrase

Loan Officer

A lower-level loan officer is one lesser-known job to pursue in the real estate industry. A loan officer can help buyers compare loans. They can also help them research various lenders to determine which one is best for them. They can help negotiate the best rates as well.

Sarah Pirrie, Healist Naturals

A House Flipper

Flipping houses usually involves buying a distressed residential property, rehabbing and improving it, and finally selling it for a profit. Since you can always take the help of an expert to redevelop real estate, just about anyone can get into this line of work and find it incredibly rewarding even without years of experience in the field.

Demi Yilmaz, Colonist.io

Property Manager 

Real estate can’t manage themselves – that’s why a property manager is essential. Investors are attracted to profiting from real estate such as vacation rentals but don’t want to go through the daily maintenance. A property manager is considered a middle man that can handle the day-to-day tasks such as cleaning services or booking. It makes investing easier, and is also a great income opportunity for those entering the real estate industry and want to gain more knowledge.

Corey Ashton Walters, Here

Real Estate Photographer

The better the photos are of a condo, including amenities that are for sale or lease, the better the chances are that it will move quickly and at a price the seller or owner will be happy with. Real estate photographers, therefore, play an essential role in the selling and leasing process. If you’re a skilled photographer, give real estate photography a try. Dozens of websites will display your photos of condos for sale or lease, grabbing the attention of prospects.

Candie Guay, Envida

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