10+ Creative Ways Agents can Reuse Customer Testimonials

In the real estate world, reviews are crucial. This industry still relies heavily on referrals, so getting a happy client to write a testimonial can undoubtedly lead to more business. One study found that 89.3% of real estate agents said that referrals from current and previous clients are among their most successful marketing tactics.

Many agents ask for a review on Zillow, Facebook, and Google and leave it at that. This tactic is impactful, as those testimonials come up when a buyer or seller looks up agents online. However, there are many ways to reuse testimonials in a marketing campaign — and most of these tactics are free to implement. Read over ten creative ways to reuse reviews and where to put them.

How to repurpose client testimonials

Getting a praising quote from a client is step one. It’s also important to ask the client if reusing the quote in promotional materials is OK. Once they approve, the testimonial can take many different forms.

Social media posts: Agents can shorten the quote (if necessary) and create enticing graphics with the testimonial included. These can be evergreen, recurring social media posts that agents can schedule throughout the year on all platforms. Quotes can also be part of social media ads. Potential clients want to know what it would be like to work with a specific agent, so advertising positive reviews can help.

Video testimonials: This is tricky, but if clients are willing, agents can ask for video testimonials (ideally in front of the property they just bought or sold). Videos can be shortened for social media posts, or agents can use the recording for podcasts.

Print materials: Many agents use direct mail marketing tactics, so why not include a short quote on those mailers. Testimonials can also go onto all other print materials and presentations.

Short eBook: Agents can create an eBook of success stories, including information on neighborhoods where they sold properties, how quickly they sold, and more. This doesn’t have to be long, but a two- or three-page ebook to showcase success stories can help potential clients envision working together.

Infographic: A visual guide is also helpful. Agents can take numbers (days on the market, number of offers, etc.) and turn them into an infographic. This marketing piece also makes a great touchpoint when converting clients in the sales funnel.

Agents can pick and choose how to reuse testimonials and then strategically place them across their website and in emails.

Where to put customer testimonials

In addition to posting client quotes on social media (and having them live on Zillow, HomeSnap, etc.), agents should use testimonials strategically across their website and email campaigns.

Testimonials page: Some agents choose to have an entire page dedicated to testimonials. This makes it easier for prospects to find reviews on the site. Agents can put the quote next to the property bought or sold so potential clients can see how agents work within specific price ranges or neighborhoods.

Widgets on the homepage: Agents can embed widgets on their homepage (or any website page) that automatically upload new reviews. These reviews can then be refreshed or rearranged accordingly.

Blog: Especially if the sale was difficult (or particularly noteworthy), consider creating a blog post that describes the process, challenges, and results. Potential clients can then read through to know what to expect when working with the agent. Of course, add a variety of images and videos to go along with each post.

As a CTA: Since all webpages will have a call to action (CTA), agents can consider making the CTA a link to testimonials. Instead of immediately asking the reader to “contact us,” agents can lead them to read about happy customers first.

A blurb in newsletter: For agents that send a newsletter to past and present clients, adding a new client quote is a good idea. Especially for a home that just closed or sold, adding a blurb about the client’s experience can be a great promotional tactic.

Email drip campaign: Many agents have drip campaigns set up to push prospects down the sales funnel. Sending a new, updated client testimonial can act as an excellent touchpoint to convert the prospect to a client.

Investing in client referrals

Agents genuinely understand the value of referrals; 43.8% of real estate agents would invest in referrals if they had extra in their marketing budget. While asking for referrals can be tedious, agents should not forget to reuse quotes and put them into marketing campaigns. Real estate agents can create a process for when a new testimonial comes in, such as adding it to the testimonial page and ensuring it goes live on social media quickly. While repurposing reviews takes time, it will be well worth the effort as new clients come in.

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