Why You Should Hire A Professional to Sell Your House Fast

Reasons Why People Sell Their House

There are dozens of reasons why people want to sell their homes. Some are of personal preference like they might be relocating to another town or country and need to sell their home before going, or it could be due to bad debt and your house gets repossessed. Whatever the reason for selling your house, there are two ways to go about doing this.

You can either sell it on the open market yourself, using tactics like online advertising, social media posts or word of mouth. Or you can hire a professional company to do this for you.

We are here to give you both sides of the story and help you decide which of the two options will be worth your time and money.


1st Option: Selling Your House by Yourself – Sale by Owner

This is a concept known as ‘sale by owner’ within the estate industry. So, if you are about to sell your property yourself, there are a few things you need to do in order to make it more sellable.

  1. De-Clutter and Fix

When people come to view the house, they want to see the structure as it were, without any of the personal items you have been collecting over the years or the clutter that’s been placed in every corner of each room. They need to see past all the things you have done to make it your home through your own choice, and into the actual structure of the house. And depending on whether you are selling it with the furniture or not, it needs to be as clean and tidy as possible.

If anything is broken, make sure you fix it. If any paint is chipping or any wall is stained, make sure you get the house painted with a fresh new coat of paint to make it look decent and almost new.

From a design perspective, if there is any 1960s panelling around your house, now would be a good time to get that changed and upgraded. Look for any creaks in the floor boards or dirty stains on the carpets as these will negatively affect the sale of the house.

As much as we want to keep this looking and feeling like a home, you never know the type of buyers who will be coming along so getting as far away from that ‘lived in’ look, would be a good idea.

  1. Do Your Home Work

As with everything in life, doing your homework is always advisable. In this case, selling your property means you need to decide on a price and stick to it once you are confident enough of its worth.

The question then is “How do you know what your house is worth?” The best way to find out how much to value your house is to find houses in the same category and how much they have been sold for. One can find land registry data online or even the UK House Price Index has information on the current index and average house prices as of November 2019. Find out where to get this information here.

Make sure you are not over evaluating or under-pricing it and leave room for negotiation if necessary.

  1. Advertising the Property

Of course, advertising it, is one of the most fundamental tasks for you here. Images will not do the place justice if they do not look professional and attractive enough, and hiring a professional photographer to do the job would be a wise thing to contemplate.

It is always best to have more images than less. Don’t forget to take pictures of the outside as well. If the space is in an urban farm or country-side, make sure you take some attractive pictures of the nearby landscape but keep it genuine to the property itself.

Another item to include in your images is a floor plan of the entire house.

Keep in mind that in describing the images and the house – less is more. Keep it straight-forward and simple. Buyers can often get put-off by lengthy explanations of living spaces and tend to skip through it anyway.

  1. Listing

Besides advertising, cleaning, getting professional images taken, listing is also your responsibility. If you already know of some people who are looking to buy a home, then lucky you – its as easy as pie.

However, the alternative is using specific websites where you can list your house. These websites are referred to as ‘for sale by owner’ websites. However, a small tip is not to only rely on the internet to get a buyer – look for a more local option too, like advertising in a few different newspapers.

  1. Other Steps to Get To

Negotiate the Price with Real Estate Agent

Other things to consider and organise if you want to sell your home yourself are:

– Arranging the Viewings

– Negotiate the Price (ties in with ‘Doing your Homework’)

– Accepting the price offer

– Hiring A Solicitor to Do the paperwork


2nd Option: Hiring A Professional to Do It

It would be a bore to reiterate all the steps above. So to save you the repetitive reading, in a nut-shell when you hire a professional company or estate agency to sell your house for you like quicksellhousefast.com , not only do they get all of the above sorted out as part of their services, but they also :

  1. Get your house staged so it looks attractive to the buyer
  2. Make sure the evaluation is done right and not under-value the property
  3. They market your house for you on all popular and lucrative platforms
  4. They do the negotiating and accepting of the offer for you and get the best price out of it (whilst keeping you in constant communication)
  5. Most often have their own lawyers or solicitors that do the paperwork or have a network of reputable contacts they work with in the profession.
  6. Have the knowledge and experience of how to make the most of it while keeping the dealings professional, private and confidential.
  7. Have inside knowledge of things you may not know of, and speak the ‘language’.
  8. Agents are in these professions because they have far greater negotiating skills then you, otherwise it would defeat the purpose of them being in the property business, where buying and selling is the name of the game.

All the famous people who have their own multi-million businesses or talk shows, always advise to hire people who are smarter than you. If they became billionaires and millionaires through investing in property themselves, there must be some truth to this!


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