Top 5 Suburbs in Sydney’s Northern Beaches for Homeowners

Northern Beaches is a well-known location for homeowners, and with the growth in property prices settling down, it can be the ideal time for you to consider moving to the area. Since it is situated only over 8 km northeast of Sydney CBD, the region is convenient, accessible, and growth-oriented.

Considering real estate in Northern Beaches can be a good idea because it has a relaxed beachside routine for you. Similarly, the area is easily accessible by car or ferry, and it is just a 30-minute bus trip from Dee Why when it is not peak hours.

What Type of Property Can You Buy in Northern Beaches?

In Northern Beaches, you can find a blend of freestanding or semi-detached homes that reaches from art deco, weatherboard cottages, and federation bungalows to that of less to medium-density apartment complexes.

Moreover, in different suburbs of this region, you can find some homes that hug the coastline offering ocean views or even the stunning hilltop views tucked away in the National Park and near to local Reserves.

Anyhow, the following are the top 5 suburbs in Northern Beaches that you can consider for your home:

1. Freshwater

Freshwater has been the favorite of the northern beaches for people seeking to live beside the sea. The suburb regularly appears on the most-searched suburb list in the state and does not disappoint the homeowners.

Moreover, Freshwater offers you a casual beach lifestyle in the absence of the bustle or high prices, and it has been prevalent with families and people downsizing.

2. Manly 

Manly is situated in the northern suburbs of Sydney on a beautiful point bordered by Sydney Harbour on one side and Manly Beach on the other. Once you live there, you can even make the most of Sydney Harbour National Park as well.

If you love nature, adventure, and activity, then Manly is the region for you to look for your next home. After all, when you look for real estate in Northern Beaches, this place stands out for most home buyers.

3. Queenscliff

Once you live in this area, you’ll experience a medley of new and old in this historic coastal village on the Bellarine Peninsula. Most home seekers look for buying a property in Queenscliff, as it is a highly desirable region in Northern Beaches.

Maybe peak-hour traffic can become a routine; the massive -open spaces, splendid ocean views, and gorgeous beaches make up for the regular trek to the office. Living your life in Queenscliff is going to be fulfilling for your family.

4. Avalon

Avalon is another lovable coastal suburb where people look forward to having their home. It is a space that has a village feel, and it is a bit further out from the commotion of the city.

Moreover, this region is packed-with greens and new-age types for its beautiful views and plenty of wooded areas. You can easily find a property here that is of your kind and within your budget.

5. Balgowlah 

Balgowlah has great telecommunication coverage, spacious open spaces, enchanting tree coverage, splendid water views, topographical deviation, rich culture, and nearby beaches.

Moreover, whether the busses, education, shops, nearness to employment, or eating out; this suburb Balgowlah of northern beaches is a big plus for you.

To sum up, real estate in Northern Beaches can be a good choice for you to own your first home. Moreover, the region gets you different types of apartments and cottages as per your budget.

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