The Power of Using Local Artisans in Real Estate, Building & Design

The real estate industry is constantly changing and now more than ever, we are looking to implement strategies that will bring value and consciousness to our projects.

It is a great time to look towards local vendors, artisans, and businesses in an effort to support through the industry’s constant changes and unknowns. Additionally, with ongoing shifts in real estate and building guidelines, there is proven positivity and benefits in sourcing local materials and products for your projects.

Relationships are more important than ever before in real estate and creating a bond between builders, real estate agents, designers, and suppliers is crucial. However, developing an organic relationship is key in creating a project that feels natural to the environment. For example, when using antique wood beams, a local purchase will ensure that the natural wear came from the nearby environment such as a beach or is related to the seasons. There is a significant pull that comes from pieces that add meaning to your project and work while also allowing you to build invaluable relationships with local businesses.

Furthermore, there is a financial benefit from sourcing locally, as you can often times find better pricing and a more streamlined shipping and install process. When having to source internationally, you run the risk of delays and additional fees, especially with imports during a crisis time. Not only does this save on cost and time, but it can also provide a more enjoyable experience and rapport altogether. I find that working with a local cabinet provider, lumber yard or antique store allows you the chance to sit with an expert and refine the details of your project, ultimately creating a warmer experience.

Improving a property can have both positive or negative effects on the community and people around you with heightened outcomes in specific areas. It is important to take your town or city into consideration when working on or developing a project. Changing the built environment can shift taxes for your neighbors, impact property values, and beyond, so sourcing and supporting locally will show respect for those who have lived in the community before you, making it what it is today.

By helping to sustain local businesses, your purchases keep jobs in the area, which impacts the restaurants, the life on the streets, and many of the features that probably drew you to the area in the first place. Ultimately, buying locally has never been more important. In smaller towns, it can trickle down even further by impacting schools, municipal services, and beyond. Now more than ever, knowing that your work is helping an area is extremely rewarding.

When sourcing locally for your next real estate, build, or design project, local tradesmen are often the best resources for recommendations. I typically explore brick-and-mortar shops for local décor and art, and build relationships that lead to more recommendations. Working with a local provider to purchase lumber, kitchens, molding, and millwork can be particularly convenient. Additionally, when it comes to delivery, working with a local provider can provide easier scheduling and contact-free delivery and install. Vendors can often adjust in real-time if your order doesn’t fit your vision of the space once the materials are brought on-site, which reduces risk when placing large material orders.

Beyond the ease and comfort that this can bring to a project, the implementation of the local artisans, craftspeople, and vendors in your surrounding areas is rewarding and shows respect for your community, the future of its real estate, and those who have lived there before you.

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