How to Book More Property Showings Through Social Media

Real estate agents know that this industry has a highly competitive market. Many agents utilize traditional means of advertising: billboards, benches, and flyers. But the online world is just as important. People who are looking to buy a house often turn to the web to shop around. As an agent, social media is a great way to build your reputation and generate more showings. It’s a platform where you can show clients who you are and how you do business. If you aren’t taking advantage of social media, you’re missing out on dozens of potential leads. We’ll share some ways that you can use digital marketing to expand your business, reach out to prospective buyers, and save on your advertising budget in the process: 

Take high-quality photos of the listing.

The more appealing that your property listing looks online, the more prospective buyers you’ll have flocking to book a showing. If you want to use Instagram, the quality of the pictures you upload is essential. You can upload photos that showcase recent or past sales. If you’re posting about an open house, include pictures that display the home’s best features; it will entice viewers to book a showing with you. If you have the technology for it, film a 360-degree virtual tour of the home – this is especially helpful during COVID-19 as many are wary about leaving their homes. 

Build up your Facebook presence.

As the most popular social media platform, Facebook is prime real estate when it comes to advertising. The market for local buying and selling on Facebook has plenty of room for your listings. You can find people in your area who are looking to buy a house and show them relevant properties. Optimize your Facebook profile so that it’s easy for users to find you: fill out every field of information, provide personable and professional photos of yourself, and display the positive reviews that you’ve received. You can include an album of houses you’ve sold to show your experience as an agent. Utilize the tools that are built into Facebook to help your business, like appointment booking, the ability to update listings, and direct communication with customers. 

Make a modern website.

Part of an online presence is having a professional website. Make sure it’s mobile-friendly, as fewer and fewer users browse the internet on desktop computers. Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about ranking higher in Google; to compete with other local agents, you want to land on the first page. Focus on your blog, which will help with your website’s SEO. You can write posts that demonstrate your expertise regarding real estate. Those looking to buy a home will appreciate well-written guides about how to find the right home and advice when selling a property. Talk about your experience as a real estate agent so that clients can get to know you. Once you’ve crafted the perfect website, be sure to share it on social media. 

Target relevant hashtags.

Use hashtags that prospective buyers are searching for; that way, your posts will show up when they’re looking for homes. It’s a great way to generate leads. To help local buyers find you, add hashtags that relate to the area you’re selling in. By optimizing your content, it will be easier for clients to discover your page. In your next Instagram post, include popular and relevant hashtags like “#homesale” and “#openhouse”. There is a limit to how many hashtags your post can include, so be selective – you may need to research the most effective keywords for your location and industry. 

Make content that appeals to your target demographic.

Being a real estate agent is all about what you’re selling — but it’s also about who you’re selling to. The content that you post should interest the buyers whom you are focusing on. Are you selling a property that would be perfect for a first-time home buyer? Making memes with real estate humour will appeal to them more than just standard photos of the home. When you post pictures of a listing, be creative with the descriptions. Boast about its features in a way that’s interesting and readable to your followers. If you receive comments on your post, respond to them in a way that’s friendly and approachable. Once people discover your page, then you can talk to them about your listings — first, you need them to find you. 

Post your accomplishments.

Bragging will dissuade clients from trusting your services – but modestly showcasing your success will build your credibility. It demonstrates your competency in selling homes. If you have clients that have left you positive reviews, consider posting those testimonials; it’s a way to advertise your skills, but not in your own words. Use photo editing apps to put their quotes in a graphic that you can post to Facebook or Instagram. When your praises are sung from an outside source, it will be more believable to your readers. It might convince potential buyers that you’re the perfect agent for them. 

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