How Long Does It Take to Sell a House? A Guide on the Key Things to Know

If you’re preparing to sell a house right now, there’s probably only one question on your mind. “How long does it take to sell a house?” is likely what you’re wondering.

On average, people are working their way through the home-selling process in just under 2 months these days. But that number is changing all the time, and it could be different for you.

Your specific home-selling timeline is going to depend on a number of key factors. Here are some of the factors that can impact how long it’ll take you when you begin selling a home.

Where Is Your Home Located?

The location of your home is going to play a big part when you try to answer the question, “How long does it take to sell a house?” The hotter the real estate market that you live in, the quicker you should be able to sell your home.

If your particular real estate market is red-hot right now, you might be able to sell your home within just a couple of weeks. But if your home is situated in a market that’s down at the moment, it could take you well over two months to sell it.

What Kind of Condition Is Your Home In?

Does your home have excellent curb appeal and did you remodel it so that the interior of it looks amazing? If so, then you should be able to sell it very fast, especially if your local real estate market is good right now.

But if your home has seen better days and needs a lot of work done to it, you might not be able to unload it in a hurry. You’re going to need to find a very specific buyer to take this kind of home off your hands.

You should consider the condition of your home when trying to gauge how long it’ll take you to sell it. Homes that are in terrific shape will usually sell faster than those that aren’t.

How Motivated Are You to Sell Your Home?

Motivated buyers that say, “I need to sell my house now!”, are typically able to sell their homes quicker than those who aren’t in any rush. They’re a little bit more willing to budge on price and won’t hesitate to take the first decent offer that comes along.

You should think about your motivation level when trying to figure out how long it’s going to take you to sell your house. If you’re motivated to do it, you should be able to sell your home fast without any problems.

So, How Long Does It Take to Sell a House? It Depends on These Factors

There isn’t a surefire answer to the question, “How long does it take to sell a house?” Although the average homeowner is selling their home in about 55 days right now, you might be able to sell your home sooner than that or it might take you longer than that to find a buyer.

It all depends on the factors that we just discussed. They’re ultimately going to dictate how long the home-selling process lasts for you.

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