Environmental Renovations That Improve Curb Appeal

A variety of green and eco-friendly renovations to properties are increasingly popular due to their ability to mitigate the disastrous effects of climate change while also increasing property values. Ultimately, many eco-friendly renovations reduce the amount of long-term property maintenance required and/or lower various monthly costs associated with homes, such as utility costs.

However, some environmentally-friendly renovations can also add aesthetic appeal to a property, thereby increasing its curb appeal, value and likelihood of resale in the future. Combining the desire for a more environmentally-friendly presence with visual appeal isn’t always possible, but the following projects can accomplish both simultaneously.

Solar Tile Roofs

Energy consumption is a prime concern for those shopping for a new home. With energy inflation rates being double that of overall inflation rates since 1960, homeowners and tenants alike have to contend with the reality that energy bills will continue to consume greater shares of income. Because of this, sustainable energy solutions are highly appealing.

Solar tile roofs are a minimally-invasive, aesthetically-pleasing and functionally-efficient choice that boosts curb appeal and environmental quality. Providing a seamless design that is indistinguishable from premium roofing solutions, solar tile roofs are increasingly durable and reliable options that can easily last for 25 years or more.

Driveway and Street Repairs

As homes age, so does the infrastructure surrounding them. Driveways and neighborhood streets in private communities can be prime examples of this, and – by definition – apply to curb appeal. Homeowner associations and individual residents alike may wish to use road reclaimers and soil stabilizers to not only repave these surfaces, but to do so in an environmentally-responsible fashion.

Road reclaimers and soil stabilizers are utilized to road rehabilitation and cold recycling. Companies such as Roadtec use cold recycling via their road reclaimers and soil stabilizers to recycle the materials used in older driveways and streets, allowing them to be reused on-site. In addition, the company’s road reclaimers and soil stabilizers ensure that underlying surfaces are stable, minimizing the risk of long-term sinkholes, sagging and unsustainable runoff.

Locally-Tolerant & Drought-Resistant Plants

Every year, millions of dollars are spent to improve curb appeal through the importation of plants, trees and shrubs. The only problem: these plants may not be suitable for their local environs – and may even pose environmental risk factors. More commonly, however, is the introduction of drought-sensitive plants into arid climates and hardier planets into more humid locales.

Drought-tolerant landscaping choices are a must for boosting curb appeal in an environmentally-friendly fashion. One of the most beneficial aspects to this approach is that viable plants can be found locally, thereby further reducing the carbon footprint associated with importing plants from far-flung climes.

Composite Decking

Hardwood decks and front porches are all the rage in terms of curb appeal and home values, yet these choices are environmentally irresponsible. Given the fact that composite decking is competitive price-wise with premium hardwood decking solutions such as cedar, maximizing aesthetics and eco-friendly construction can be achieved via this solution.

Composite decking combines natural recycled wood and plastic to create beautiful settings that are more durable, do not warp and need less upkeep. Composite decking surfaces can last up to 30 years under the right conditions, making them an ideal choice for both curb appeal and environmentalism.

Not every choice maximizes both curb appeal and environmentally-friendly solutions, but these important renovations can be ideal choice for prospective sellers or buyers seeking to either sell their homes as quickly as possible or invest in a more sustainable residential future.

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