Creating a Spa-Like Bathroom at Home

We tapped into the Dallas-based luxury bathroom specialists and remodelers over at NOMI regarding turning your bathroom into a spa-like environment at home. We want to know … how exactly can you renovate your bathroom into the perfect oasis? How can that support you on a deeper level? What about materials? Colors? Etc. See below for some top tips from NOMI Principal Joseph A. Tsedaka.

REAM: What steps can homeowners make in an effort to create a spa-like bathroom at home?

JT: Double showers are a must! We often recommend double showers with rain heads, hand-held features, and multiple faucets to create a truly relaxing experience. Another option is  adding a body sprayer, which we will customize to their height so it hits perfectly. A mistake people make in their bathrooms includes installing their shower heads too far from each other, a good rule of thumb would be to position them roughly 1 foot away from one another. Another popular addition is adding technology where everything can be controlled from your phone or an iPad on the wall.

REAM: What materials, colors, and products do you recommend for a calm and luxurious bathroom?

JT: Personally, I like using dark with colors such as charcoal, because if you include speakers it is often a tonal look, which is very sleek and clean and as a result minimal distractions so you can relax. If you’re looking for something lighter, both marble and stone are beautiful and often we match that same stone in the countertop so it’s uniform.

REAM: What about the layout of a bathroom? Anything you recommend?

JT: I would recommend always dividing the vanity so each person has their own space (and storage!) and some privacy. It is also important to consider how each client actually lives, for instance, will you actually take a bath or are you just including for aesthetic reasons so we recommend coming from a place of functionality when considering the layout. It changes how we design, for example I prefer to have a drop down tub for those who use it frequently instead of a free-standing tub where you’d be limited on space. Always consider the room as a whole, if you do have a free-standing tub, however, I always like to put it next to a window or a place where you can add a shelf to add room for shampoo, soap, etc.

REAM: What about lighting? What to consider when creating a spa-like bathroom?

JT: We recommend three different types.

  1. Normal can lights.
  2. Mood lighting is great, which can be achieved with a dimmer for a spa-like feeling.
  3. Specialty Lighting that we can use inside the shower called “chromotherapy light.” LED lighting that can change to any color you want inside the shower. You control it from your digital iPad. If you’re looking for something more exciting, you can use one color for a more relaxed look and feel, or you can use a different color as well.

REAM: Why do you feel like the bathroom is the most important space in the home?

JT: We believe that a well-designed bathroom can make you a better person, which may seem like a bold statement but it’s not. Our focus is on the details, from design to specific features, which can take a variety of forms from upgrading the shower to include aromatherapy, steam, and speakers. Each client is unique and what they see as a luxury is what we focus on. For someone, that may be spa-like features to unwind after a stressful day, for others that may be speakers so you are able to listen to a podcast in peace before work and the bonus is the heated floor. Our goal is to always have our client to feel that they have exactly what they wanted in a space we created, now in the comfort of their own home, which we’ve all spent plenty of time in over the past twelve months.

REAM: What are your clients’ typical requests when they hire you?

JT: Typically, clients come to us for a complete remodel and are often most focused on how we can transform the shower experience. The question we get most often is how can we create a spa-like experience for them at home. We then tailor the design to the space of their dreams which often includes a revised design to allow for sitting and steaming along with added technology to allow for aromatherapy, lighting, sound, and of course, heated floors for when they finally step out.

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