Benefits of Canadian Custom Handcrafted Log Cabin Homes

Since an increasing number of homeowners is becoming sick and tired of the noise pollution in urban areas, most of them are trying to build themselves a home in more rustic regions. The best solution is building log cabins, which can be constructed easily as long as you have a piece of land. 

These homes provide excellent comfort, coziness and peace, which is hard to find in cities. They aren’t just comfortable, but energy-efficient as well. You can hire a construction company like and have your new cabin ready in no time. These are the benefits of living in such a place:

Amazing durability

Many homeowners might be surprised by the fact that log homes are more durable than the ones made of more commonly used materials such as brick. Their incredible durability enables them to withstand harsh weather such as heavy rain, snow or strong winds. They’re even known for withstanding even worse conditions such as storms, blizzards or tornadoes.

In fact, if you think about it, all the trees in forests are constantly prone to harsh weather conditions and they’re perfectly capable of remaining alive in spite of the challenges which Mother Nature poses to them. Therefore, as logs are actually dead trees, the durability of this material shouldn’t come as a surprise. Click here to read why is wood considered as one of the best construction materials. 

Therefore, even if you decide to have your cabin built in a location which is prone to excessive rain or savage winds, rest assured that your new home will have the strength to resist much more than unpleasant weather.

Custom Log Cabin Living Room

Convenient to build

One of the greatest benefits of log cabins is the convenience which accompanies the building process. Actually, you can have your new home built in about two weeks which is literally impossible when it comes to constructing a house of other materials.

You’re only supposed to order the shell of the cabin and gather a team of people who are going to help you assemble it. The amazing thing is that you’re able to participate in the construction of your future home, by employing your building skills and inviting couple of friends to help you out. However, in case you think that you can’t manage the framing, you can always hire construction workers who would gladly perform the job for you. 

Owing to the short period of time which is needed in order for the log house to be built, it won’t be unsheltered for long, from all the weather conditions which are likely to take place during the construction. The longer it remains exposed, the greater are the chances of getting damaged right from the start. The greatest damage which can be done is in the form of indoor mold which develops as result of moisture and can demonstrate its effects long after the house is sealed. 

Being energy-efficient

Another incredible advantage which wood offers as a construction material, is its energy-efficiency. It results from the timber’s ability to accumulate the heat which is directed toward the house without letting it enter inside. Instead, all the warmth which has been accumulated during the day is being loosed in the evening, providing a warm place without using any power. 

This amazing characteristic of logs is what makes your cabin energy-efficient in every season, not just in winter. Therefore, wood cabins are one of the coldest places to stay in summer, keeping the indoor temperature as cool as using an air-conditioner. 

Moreover, living in such as home is not only beneficial when it comes to the temperature comfort, but also in terms of your budget. You’ll no longer have to pay high bills, as you’ll reduce the heating in winter and you won’t need any cooling in summer. 

Custom Log Cabin Outside View

Greater comfort and better appearance

The unavoidable feeling which people get every time they visit a log home is that of coziness. There’s something particularly special about these type of houses, which makes them so cozy and appealing both for homeowners and guests. Visit the following link:, for tips on achieving a cozier home interior.

You have the perfect feeling of warmth or coolness depending on the season as well as of quietness, regardless of what’s happening outdoors. Logs have the ability to deaden the sounds which come from the outside, thus making you feel more comfortable while enjoying the perfect silence, which people miss so much in urban areas.

Additionally, in terms of appearance, these homes perfectly fit the natural environment in which they’re build. It’s like all of them were specially constructed for their particular location. They camouflage so well with the surrounding, that they easily become part of the landscape. 

Being environmentally-friendly 

The main reason why this type of homes are considered as environmentally-friendly is a result of being made of trees, which are inexhaustible nature element. The chances of trees running out is almost zero compared to the ones of the other resources such as fossil fuels or coal.

Also, when trees are alive, apart from emitting oxygen, they also emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide, they previously absorb. However, logs don’t release carbon, which makes them good for the environment. Visit this page to see wood’s environmental benefits.


Log cabins are nice-looking, environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient and highly convenient.

They’re doubtlessly the dream of every homeowner! 

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