Are Solar Panels Worth It: The Best Advice to Give Your Clients

Are solar panels worth it?

As a real estate agent, this is one of the questions your clients often ask when they’re looking to buy a house. Even the sellers can ask, especially if they’re looking for ways to boost the value of their home before putting it on the market?

What answer do you give? After all, you’re a specialist in selling and buying houses, not in electric power.

This is why you’ve come here; to look for a satisfactory answer to this question, lest your clients move to another agent who can answer the question. Yet, this isn’t the type of question that can do with a “yes” or “no” answer. You have to go deeper.

Keep reading for deeper insight.

Are Solar Panels Worth It? The Short Answer

Yes, solar panels are worth the investment.

The numbers don’t lie. Since 2008, solar installations across the United States have increased 35 times. There’s now enough capacity to power about 16 million homes.

The bigger question is: why are more and more homeowners embracing solar? To help your clients understand why solar panels are worth it, you have to give them the benefits.

Here they are:

Solar Power Is Cost-Effective

Every month, your clients spend about $120 on electricity.

How about no electric bill at all?

Yes, with solar power, it’s possible to have no electric bill. When a homeowner gets solar panel installers to hook up the property to a solar system, they won’t receive any electric bill. They’ll only worry about the panels’ periodic maintenance costs.

This, though, isn’t enough to get the client satisfied. They’ll probably ask about the cost of buying and installing solar panels.

There’s no doubt that purchasing enough solar panels to power up a home is a big investment. In fact, the cost can be prohibitive.

The good news is there are incentives that help make going solar affordable. For instance, there’s a federal tax credit that enables homeowners to deduct about 26 percent of their installation costs off their federal income taxes.

Solar Energy Increases Home Value

If the client asking the question is looking to sell their home, this answer will be music to their ears. According to a survey, solar power increases home value by about 4 percent. What’s more, homes with solar power sell much faster than homes without solar.

Solar Energy Is Clean

The modern home buyer is looking for a property that’s environmentally sustainable. The biggest thing you can do to make a home sustainable is to install solar panels.

For buyers who are conscious about the environment, they’ll be glad to hear that solar panels are worth the money.

Solar Panels Are a Worthy Addition to Any Home

Are you still asking: are solar panels worth it?

To this end, the answer is clear. Yes, solar panels are worth it. From reduced energy bills to environment conservation and increased home value, you have every reason to advise your clients to embrace solar.

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