Meet Amy Geislinger, 2019 SPAAR’s Good Neighbor Recipient

Amy Geislinger is one of those people who have a gift for reaching out to others and the Saint Paul Area Association of REALTORS® has taken note of it. Named the Association’s SPAAR Hero for November 2019, Amy was then honored as 2019 SPAAR’s Good Neighbor Award – “Better Communities” recipient, selected among a pool of top-notch candidates who volunteer in the communities in which they live and work.

Amy is a REALTOR® relatively new to the business, but not new to helping others. She is an advocate who serves unsheltered individuals to help make their lives easier in many ways. In fact, Amy can be found each Wednesday evening volunteering with the Walking With A Purpose program, which provides wellness and dinner to about 150 people each week.

“I’ve always been interested in helping and advocating for others,” said Amy, who added, “much of our culture has lost that sense of caring for family and for some that results in a loss of home when difficult situations arise.”
Amy said some individuals have difficulty receiving services or shelter because they lack qualifications such as having a physical disability or having children.

Amy says that the nonprofit Walking With A Purpose is her biggest commitment right now, but she’s been involved in multiple nonprofits and volunteer efforts over the years to help those in need. And, she’s always willing to educate others about the needs right here in our own communities.

One project Amy works on monthly, often with a helpful hand from her husband, is creating Pack & Go Meals that include essential food for unsheltered individuals.

Congratulations, Amy, on receiving both the SPAAR Hero and SPAAR Good Neighbor awards for your work in the community.
In addition to Amy, congratulations to the following who were named SPAAR Hero in 2019: Zach Duckworth, the Chris Fritch Team, Sue Gonyea, Robbie Grossman, Mary Knudsen, Sandy Maxwell, Sue Nichols and Scott Rehovsky. Jennifer Kovacich

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