5 Reasons You Should Consider a Knockdown Rebuild

When your old home is no longer suitable for you, the first thing to do would be to either renovate it or start browsing for a new home to buy. However, both of these options involve a lot of time and stress, not to mention the unpleasant surprises you may encounter in the process.

No worries, though. You still have one more option left, and that is knockdown rebuild. Here’s why this third option may be the right one for you.

It’s cheaper than renovating or purchasing a new house

You may feel like it may be easier to just sell your old home and move to a new one. However, you need to consider the extra expenses such as marketing costs, auctioneer fees, conveyancing, stamp duty, etc. All that money could be spent on adding new features to your existing home. Oftentimes, it will make more financial sense to stay in the same place and rebuild your old home than to move to a new one.

What about renovating? Renovations may seem like a great solution, but the thing is, they can get quite costly. Tackling major ones can end up costing you well over $300.00, not to mention the time-consuming processes that take place before you can even begin renovating. Tearing down the existing structure and reimagining the place you live in seems like a much smarter financial move than choosing to renovate or move.

It takes the stress out of the equation

Browsing for a new place to move into is usually a lengthy process. With so many homes for sale available on the market, you may get overwhelmed by the number of options and it may be difficult for you to decide which one would fit you. Your budget will largely dictate the decision-making process, which can make it more challenging to find a home that meets all your requirements. If your new home doesn’t suit you completely, you may need to dedicate a portion of your money for renovations as well.

When you choose knockdown rebuild, you take a lot of the stress out of the equation. You get to select the options that fit you and your family best. Plus, there are a number of ready-made designs that are sure to meet your needs.

You get to build your dream home

When you first purchased your home, you may not have thought that your needs and wants would change one day. Maybe there was a new addition to your family and you need more space, or perhaps you want to downsize. Maybe you just want your home to have certain features such as an open-floor plan, butler’s pantry, or high ceilings.

Choosing a knockdown rebuild makes all that possible. It can be as simple as visiting display homes and choosing the design you like. In fact, this is a common practice in places such as Australia, home to numerous display home villages. After envisioning their ideal home, Aussies living in the coastal metropolis hire reliable knock down rebuild specialists in Sydney that can help make their dream home a reality. They can envision what they’re getting from day one, and all they have to do is sit back and let the established professionals work their magic.

No need to change location

When purchasing a new home, location is one of the crucial factors to consider aside from learning what your first home finance options are. It’s the one thing that you can’t change about your home, so you’ve probably put a lot of time and effort into finding a house with a great location. If you’ve been living there for a while, you’ve probably got accustomed to the neighborhood and came to love it. Moving to a bigger or smaller place would mean leaving everything behind, which may be tough on some people.

The best thing about choosing to rebuild your old home is that there’s no need to change address. You can stay right where you are! This can make things so much easier if you have school-age children or if you generally find the current location to be very convenient.

You can be more eco-friendly

As more homeowners become aware of the global environmental issues we’re facing, many of them are making the necessary changes and incorporating green features in their new homes. Changing the layout and optimizing the placement of windows are some of the things that would make your home more eco-friendly. However, making such large-scale changes wouldn’t be possible with a simple renovation.

By choosing to reconstruct your home from the ground up, you can include all the state-of-the-art features. This can help up your sustainability game and reduce your impact on the environment.

Wrapping up

The ability to start from scratch is what attracts homeowners to knockdown rebuilds. The ability to stay in the same place is what sells them on the idea. If these reasons got you considering knockdown rebuild, it may be the right time to take the plunge and start building that home you’ve always wanted.

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