The Minnesota Commercial Association of REALTORS Profile


Matt Anfang, executive director of the Minnesota Commercial Association of Real Estate/REALTORS shares his insight into an association more than a decade in the making.

REAM: How long ago was your association founded? What is the main mission of your association?
Anfang: The Minnesota Commercial Association of Real Estate / REALTORS (MNCAR) was founded in 2001. Our mission, adopted in 2013 makes it a lot easier to understand what MNCAR is about. MNCAR is “Where Brokers Do Business.” We keep a collaborative real estate industry in check so business owners, tenants and investors know that MNCAR members are the most knowledgeable and sophisticated in the market. With 1300+ members building owners and developers understand the importance of engaging a commercial broker to help their property or development succeed.

REAM: As more people earn their real estate license, how are you integrating them into the profession?
Anfang: We’re seeing some new faces enter the commercial real estate arena. MNCAR along with several other real estate organizations have been working together as the Commercial Real Estate Diversity Collaborative. (diversitycollaborative. org) Not only are we trying to grow the industry after people have obtained a license, we are getting into the schools early and involving kids to look at the industry as a career path. The 12-month program teaches the history of commercial real estate, market and financial analysis, negotiating and closing the deal, property management and more.

REAM: What are some challenges young REALTORS face and how do you address those concerns?
Anfang: We want to be sure people entering commercial real estate do so with confidence and knowledge shared by industry leaders. That’s why MNCAR offers the Brokerage Basics Series, not just for young people but people who are entering into the CRE field after previous experience.

REAM: If someone wanted to move into a leadership role, what is your first word of advice?
Anfang: MNCAR encourages young leaders to participate in the organization. We value the efforts of all our volunteers but as we look to the future we want our young leaders to apply their expertise and knowledge of the industry and their peers to ensure that MNCAR evolves along with them and responds to their needs. An element of MNCAR’s most recent strategic plan included giving younger brokers a chance to jump into a leadership position generally held by seasoned veterans of the industry. At our Annual MNCAR Awards we recognize the MNCAR Rising Star of the Year. These rising stars are nominated by others in the industry; the recipient of that award also retains a seat on the MNCAR board of directors for a year giving them a unique opportunity to boost their experience and career.

REAM: As a member of the association’s leadership, what changes are you trying to put into effect?
Anfang: MNCAR has a long history of success, perpetuated primarily by the professionalism of the industry as a whole. MNCAR members have the capability of sharing their expertise on real estate trends with state and local leaders to make decisions that drive jobs and economic growth. They know better than anyone what businesses and tenants are looking for (or trying to avoid) when making a decision to locate their business in a certain location. I want our members to speak out more and to drive aspects of the conversations about the economy.

Through our partner on the MNCAR Exchange, Xceligent access to the Exchange is now available to other businesses and local governments. Businesses can now access our data to analyze demographic data in the area and look for potential business opportunities. In the case of government, cities or economic development organizations can use the data to assist in their efforts to lure business to their area by determining where vacancies exist as they respond to site selectors looking for options in various communities. We offer access that allows for customizable reports, MNCAR would like to see this pool of users of the Exchange powered by Xceligent to grow.

REAM: What are some exciting events coming up?
Anfang: We host several events throughout the year with our signature events being the MNCAR Expo in October and the Annual MNCAR Awards Program in February. This year, we have teamed up with NAIOP for an Annual Office and Industrial Market report in November 2015. This event will bring together the two organizations and some of the leaders in the commercial real estate industry for an information packed afternoon. Watch for an event notice at