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Where it is Always Coming Up Roses for Our Clientele

By Susan Cushing

Nature is amazing. A single blossom can cheer, console, celebrate or commemorate. But, when you combine the intrinsic beauty of flowers with the ingenuity and artistry of man, the results can be magnificent. Since 1925 Soderberg’s Floral & Gift has been providing this special magic for the people of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Over several generations, their family of floral designers have taken the best nature can offer and lovingly crafied unique masterpieces ensuring that every occasion is special.

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, the birth of a baby or just the simple desire to tell someone, “I love you,” this local institution has played a pivotal role in marking life’s milestones for the friends and neighbors they’ve served for nearly a century.

“We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with fresh flowers, floral products of the finest, first-rate quality and placing our customers first above all else,” says Manager Kym Erickson. “At Sonderberg’s Floral and Gift, we have created a unique and lasting trust with our clientele. In fact, we consistently rank at the top of any list of florists in the Twin City Metro Area.”

The staff of Soderberg’s are not just flower enthusiasts, they are all skillfully trained professionals who have won awards for their knowledge and service. Erickson for example, holds a AAF, MNCF and CF certifications, which are both prestigious and elevated credentials in the floral industry. Moreover, she has placed and won numerous state, national and local design awards and designer competitions.

What this means for their many loyal customers, is that every arrangement, bouquet, plant or corsage that leaves their workshop, is unique, made with only the freshest and prime blooms and are virtually guaranteed to put a smile on the recipient’s face.

“Everyone on our staff is honest and hardworking,” says Erickson. “We work together like a family, including our Princess and Lucy who are our canine family members. They are here in the shop almost every day to greet our customers and make everyone feel welcome. Princess and Lucy have become so popular that often our neighbors and customers stop by just to see them.”

People Behind the Magic

Owner Howard O’Neill has the distinction of being named the 2010-2011 Minnesota State Florist Association’s Designer of the Year. Known for his incredible leadership and passion for his craft, O’Neill has helped ensure that Soderberg’s is the choice florist of the Twin Cities. As the third, and current owner, O’Neill began his career in the floral industry more than 40 years ago. He continues to hone his craft and share his expertise with his staff of talented designers.

Not only does Erickson serve as the general manager of Soderberg’s Floral & Gift, but she’s also a past president of the Minnesota State Florist Association and has been inducted into the American Academy of Floral Culture. Having been working with flowers since she was just 16-years-old, it’s not surprising that her gift for finding just the right flower for each customer comes as naturally as her genuine friendliness and professionalism. The recipient of too many design awards to try to list, her natural artistic nature and business savvy and eye for design has helped Soderberg’s continue to stand out as one of the most innovative and artful florists in the area.

“We participate in numerous community and statewide events,” says Erickson. “It’s not just the for the awards, although it is nice to be acknowledged by your peers, we are a part of this community and have been for nearly 100 years. Events such as the Longfellow Corn Feed, Street, Open Streets, Minneapolis Home and Garden Show, the Minnesota State Fair are part of our community tradition.

“Our annual display in the Ag/Hort building at the Minnesota State Fair is a long-standing tradition, and I’m proud to say, one that many people look forward to each year. I know we do! We’re proud to have our work displayed at prestigious events throughout the year, but these events also afford us the opportunity to spend time and to visit with our many friends and neighbors. We aren’t just a business, we’re part of the community and the families we’ve come to know over the years and have become part of our extended families.”

While your average customer may not know of or even care about design competitions, the results speak for themselves. When looking for just the right gift for that special occasion or very special person, you want a presentation that reflects well on you. Only creative artists, such as those on the staff of Soderberg’s, can create truly original arrangements that will be remembered long after the celebration.

Flowers for Good

In keeping with their good neighbor policy, Soderberg’s created their Flowers for Good Program to help not-for-profit partners succeed in their good works.

“When you order charitable bouquets through our Flowers for Good Program, you’ll receive a discount for all orders if your organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization,” says Erickson. “This program is designed to support and enrich charitable efforts and is extended to a variety of groups such as churches, schools, foundations and other non-profit organizations.”

Here Comes the Bride

One of life’s events that absolutely must be perfect is a bride’s wedding day. No one understands the stress, excitement and importance surrounding this incredibly memorable day better than the folks at Soderberg’s. Over the years and generations, they have helped more brides realize their dream than any other florist in the area. In fact, many of their brides were referred to them by their mother’s, grandmother’s and even great-grandmother’s, whose own special day was thoughtfully and artfully attended to by Soderbergs.

Whether your wedding is a simple, at home affair or the epitome of sublime refinement, the designers at Soderberg’s have the talent, resources and ingenuity to design an event that will be truly memorable.

“We frequently say that we are a ‘real’ local florist,” says Erickson, “who know our customers and always go that extra mile to make sure that every time they call upon us, we deliver spectacularly.”

Over the years, as they and the cities have grown, Soderberg’s has recognized a similar change and expansion with Event planning. As we entered the “information age” brides became even more aware of all the choices available and even the smallest details began to take on new significance.

“We reached the point where we felt it was necessary in order to best serve our bridal customers, to have a separate aspect of our business dedicated exclusively to wedding planning,” says Erickson. “Flowers are such a critical element and there are so many incredible choices, that we’ve tried to help simplify the process by offering bridal, and reception packages. This doesn’t mean pre-selected flowers, but rather an itemized list of things that might require flowers. For instance, our bridal packages include flowers for the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen plus two alter arrangements. Of course, to this we can add anything such as mothers’ corsages, flower girl baskets, and so on.”

Most importantly, those at Soderberg’s who attend to the bride’s planning have years of experience, knowledge and understand how overwhelming even the smallest affair can be to plan. Will a candelabra add that touch of elegance to your reception? No need to look elsewhere. Soderberg’s carries a vast array of fine rental items to complete the ambience for this oh-so-special day.

Every Day Is Special

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a simple bouquet, planning an extravagant event or want to offer your sincere condolences, Soderberg’s take’s each client’s needs to heart. Setting them apart from big chain operations, this long-held, family-owned florist and gift shop takes pride is providing extraordinary customer service and quality, unique designs. Most importantly, their skilled designers begin with the freshest flowers and locally grown green, blooming plants and permanent botanicals available.

“We have long-established relationships with local wholesalers, including local growers of roses and fresh flowers that deliver to us daily,” says Erickson. “Soderberg’s offers only the freshest flowers available in the Twin Cities area and on the world market. Then, our talented designers sculpt a unique, one-of-a-kind creation that will be delivered to you in a timely and professional manner.”

Now through the magic of the internet, shoppers can discover the vast array of floral creations as well as Soderberg’s impressive selection of gifts suitable for men, women, children and any occasion imaginable. Whether shopper’s chose to stop by and make selections in person, or opt for the convenience of the internet, the customer service, product quality and overall experience of Soderberg’s Floral & Gift is second to none.

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