Real Estate Agent of the Month Robert Schuchman

Robert Schuchman

Appraising A Good Man

By Susan Cushing

People tend to seek similar qualities in their REALTOR® that they look for in a physician or attorney; an expert, proficient in their profession, prudent, seasoned, and capable of clearly communicating their knowledge, to advise clients in making wise decisions. If that professional also happens to have a warm, engaging personality, then his name is Robert Schuchman.

Most of us require years of living, even missteps, to develop positive traits such as foresight, discipline and a sense of responsibility, but this REALTOR®, consultant and state certified real estate appraiser seemed to possess these characteristics at a very young age. With the circumspection of someone at least twice his age, Robert was still in his teens when he became interested in real estate. While his contemporaries were saving for a car or first apartment, he was sowing the seeds of his future.

“I always believed that real estate was a good investment, a solid way to earn a living,” says Robert, “so I kept my eye on the classifieds until I found the perfect property. The seller of the home said that he would carry the mortgage, so I took the leap.”

Robert was 18 years old. College came next. Studying business fell right into line with his plans for the future. He temporarily interrupted his studies, however, to achieve another goal he’d set for himself, serving in the military.

“I joined the U.S. Marine Corps,” he says with pride. “It was a wonderful experience, which provided me with a larger view of the world we live in.”

Returning to the States, was bittersweet. Robert’s father had passed away, and his mother had moved to Minnesota to be closer to her daughter.

“I obviously wanted to be near my family,” says Robert, “so I moved here too. Best thing I ever did! I love everything about Minnesota; the people are kind, caring and trustworthy. It’s an ideal place to raise a family.”

Robert’s first employment after service, was with another branch of our government, the U.S. Postal Service. Starting out as a sorter and loader, it didn’t take his superiors long to note his strong work ethic and keen mind. Soon he was a supervisor. But while the pay was good and advancements came quickly, Robert knew that was not what his life work was meant to be.

“Working for the post office was a great transition from military to civilian life. While I was there, I began studying real estate,” he explains. “And, I started my own real estate appraisal company.”

The next logical step came quickly too. Robert began working in real estate sales, while still maintaining and growing his appraisal business. It’s a combination of skills and professions that serves both him and his clients very well.

“Having that knowledge and experience means I can provide my clients with a true valuation of their home, whether they are a buyer, seller or both. I’m not the type of REALTOR® that just puts a sign in the front yard,” he says. “I want to help all clients achieve their real estate goals!

“I’ve discovered that most people either have no idea what their home is worth or have unrealistically high expectations of what it can be sold for,” he continues. “That’s natural. It’s not just their property; it’s their home, filled with memories, emotions and important life events. So, what I can bring to the table, is my extensive knowledge of the local market and ability to analyze the data, so that I might provide them with a realistic sense of what the selling price should be.”

Just as he’d navigated every other life path, when it came to choosing a real estate company, Robert carefully evaluated his options, ultimately choosing RE/MAX Results.

“In addition to looking for a company that meshed with my own personal philosophies, I wanted one with real brand recognition and a stellar reputation,” says Robert. “RE/MAX Results filled that criteria and more. I love working with John Collopy. He’s an excellent broker, leader, and really knows how to take care of his agents. I really feel that God sent me to Minnesota. It’s been a wonderful life, and I found exactly the right company where I have been able to build my career.”

By the ripe age of 30, Robert had attended college, served his country, and was successfully ensconced in two separate, albeit complementary, businesses. Almost as though it were scripted, he met and married his wife, Megan.

Another perfectly suited partnership, Megan shared her husband’s dreams, enjoying a teaching career that she felt equally passionate about. Today, she is a popular fourth grade teacher at Our Lady of Peace School, in South Minneapolis.

Given his business acumen, developed at such a young age, some might perceive Robert as a driven, one-dimensional entrepreneur. Nothing could be further from the truth. He takes pride in the business he’s worked so hard to build, but money is not his driving force. It’s the people.

“It might sound like a cliché, but aside from the fact that I find this business fascinating, my passion is helping people achieve their real estate goals,” he says candidly. “If I can help them navigate the process of buying or selling a home, a place where they raise their families, gather for important life events, and create memories, then I’m truly happy.

“I’m not interested in selling a house, I want to establish relationships. My job is to help people make the right decision for their unique situation and future goals,” he adds.

Although he is reluctant to call it “hand-holding,” essentially that is Robert’s M.O. His expertise in educating buyers and sellers regarding every step of the process, ensures they feel confident, comfortable and empowered to make informed decisions.

Calling upon his 20-plus years of experience in both real estate sales and appraisals, Robert is always keenly aware that this is not a Monopoly game for his clients, it’s their life, so rather than just throwing facts and figures at them, he counsels and listens as a friend would.

“I try to simplify the process,” he explains. “I preview homes for my buyers to save them from wasting their time, keep them up-to-date on any shift in the market, am responsive to all their questions, but above all else, I’m there for them.”

And that’s not just until the house is sold or buyers move into their dream home. The reason Robert has so many repeat clients and a continuous influx of referrals is because he’s their REALTOR® for life. During the process, and just as importantly after the purchase or sale, he continues to stay in contact, making it clear he is available at all times.

Always one step ahead, Robert could foresee that if he wanted to maintain his “hands-on” approach with every buyer and seller, he would need help. Hence, The MN Team was born.

“We have a great group,” he says. “We work together seamlessly, put our clients first, and pride ourselves on staying abreast of the latest market information. Because there are several of us, we are literally available 24/7. Buying or selling a home is a very personal, emotional transaction and we understand those panicky questions late at night and are happy to answer them.”

Though obviously completely dedicated to his clients, Robert has found a happy balance in his life. Spending time with Megan and their children – Bobby, Gabrielle and Patrick – is at the top of the list. With the older two, Bobby and Gabrielle, now attending the University of Minnesota, Robert has a little more time to indulge in another passion – cycling.

While it began as a form of exercise and relaxation, Robert, in his typical fashion, has found a way to give back with his favorite hobby. He regularly participates in charity rides, such as the upcoming Twin Cities Ride in May and the Bike MS 150 Ride in June.

One might suppose this would be a time in life when Robert might be doing more coasting than pedaling in his career, but quite the opposite is true. Immediate future plans include growing his team.

“We’re always looking for energetic, dedicated agents who put their clients first,” he says. “My door is always open for a confidential meeting.”