Real Estate Agent of the Month Randy Kellogg

REA of the Month Randy Kellogg

It’s More Than The Sale

By Elizabeth Morse

A native of Hopkins, Minnesota, Randy Kellogg knows the ins and outs of the local community. Following more than two decades in the corporate world, Kellogg’s ambitions outpaced the opportunities available to him in the IT sector. He decided his love for people and houses was all the motivation he would need to pursue a career in real estate. With his considerable business experience, Kellogg knew that selecting the right brokerage was essential to the success of his new venture. Kellogg grew up with the household name of Edina Realty, which compelled him to interview with the Chanhassen and Eden offices.

While Kellogg knows there are many national brokerages with great reputations and strong ties to the community, he felt drawn to the local company he knew well.

“Edina Realty had a family feel and there were absolutely no egos,” Kellogg says. “Both traits were important factors in my decision to join Edina.”

Today, Kellogg’s team, the Randy Kellogg Real Estate Group includes his partner Dan Trudeau and assistant Laura Michel. Trudeau is a former attorney and has been partners with Kellogg for about a year and a half now. Kellogg describes Michel as someone who “takes the bull by the horns.” Though he has mentored many real estate agents in his experience as a REALTOR®, Kellogg says that he doesn’t micromanage his team.

Though you wouldn’t have guessed it from the bubbly and outgoing agent he is today, Kellogg admits he was painfully shy before entering the real estate industry.

“My office administrator, Leah, still laughs about the day I set up my voicemail during my first week,” Kellogg says. “I was mortified to record my greeting in front of her – I just couldn’t get it right!”

In his first year at Edina Realty, he would arrive at the office after hours when many of the seasoned REALTORS® had gone home. However, Kellogg quickly discovered the loneliness of the real estate industry when an agent fails to connect with other agents. After 15 years in the industry, Kellogg relishes the lasting friendships he has created.

“I am still working out of the same office I started in,” Kellogg says. “I love the culture and colleagues that work here. It feels like home.”

During his first year as a REALTOR, Kellogg met Rita Stellick who became an incredible mentor. At the time, he was still reconsidering his decision to leave the corporate world. Stellick’s effort to make herself available to Kellogg as a resource gave him the support he needed to make it through those early years.

“Planning a retirement party for a fellow agent, Rita approached me one day and said, ‘I’ve got the suit ordered and the wig purchased; you’re going to the party as Elvis!’” Kellogg says. “She had the song I was to sing picked out and I couldn’t get to the party fast enough, dressed and ready to put on a show as my all-time favorite performer. She helped break me out of my shell.”

Today, Kellogg is now seen as the mentor. He uses the same approach with the new agents as he experienced with Stellick. He goes all-in with each of them, but refrains from micromanaging.

According to Kellogg, first impressions rule in real estate. “I tell every agent that joins our team to ‘Get up. Dress up. Show up.’ It’s important to put the time in and work hard to go above and beyond the sale for your clients.”

Sitting up straighter in his chair, Kellogg smoothes down his jacket. He comes into the office seven days a week, dressed in a pressed suit. “It is a sign of respect,” he says. “Both to my colleagues and my clients. I don’t think it’s necessary, but it definitely lends a level of integrity to our work.”

He also describes the importance of networking and forming lasting relationships with other professionals in the field. Kellogg explains that everybody is a resource.

“The key to getting what you want in life is helping others to get what they want,” he says.

For Kellogg, that is what the real estate industry is all about – people. When he grew restless in the corporate world, real estate was a refreshing breath of air. While he has found success and flexibility in his real estate career, he was drawn to the industry for the people.

“It goes beyond the sales,” Kellogg says. “Forming lasting relationships is what really matters the most to me.”

Kellogg has certainly done that. In the past 15 years, he has forged close relationships not only with clients but with colleagues and industry professionals.

Almost 13 years ago, Kellogg worked with a client from New Jersey who was looking to buy a home in the Twin Cities area. It was Kellogg’s first million-dollar client, so he was anxious throughout the process. They spent six months looking at $3 million homes before he and his wife decided to move to Texas to be closer to their children.

During the time, however, Kellogg and the client had become close. When the I-35W Mississippi River Bridge collapsed, resulting in 13 fatalities and 145 injured motorists, Kellogg received a concerned call from the client.

“They said they had just seen the national broadcast and knew I drove around a lot,” Kellogg says. “They wanted to make sure I was OK. The next time I saw them, they gifted me with an iPhone of my own and said, ‘You need this kind of device in your field in case of another emergency.’ Their care and concern for others is inspiring to me.”

Another significant inspiration in Kellogg’s personal and professional life shares his last name, his son, Tyler. At age 5, Tyler was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Despite the diagnosis and difficulties of maintaining the active, healthy lifestyle of a now 21-year-old, Kellogg says his son has remained incredibly responsible and positive about the illness.

“He is such a kind, caring and brave young man,” Kellogg says. “I truly admire his sunny disposition and nurturing, compassionate nature. I am blessed beyond belief to be his father. He has taught me so much and I couldn’t be more proud to see Tyler graduate as he is finishing up his last year at Eau Claire with a degree in marketing.”

Kellogg admits that finding balance in his life is one issue he continually faces. With the help of his new assistant, Michel, he hopes to find more time to spend with his family and friends.

“I’m a workaholic. I work seven days a week, but I’m hoping that with the help of Laura and my team, I can find a better balance,” he says. With plans to continue growing the team gradually, perhaps adding more agents and developing a way to appropriately delegate responsibility throughout the team, Kellogg is also looking to enjoy some time off.

“I’m really looking to travel more,” he says. “I’d love to see Italy and explore Europe.

“Deep down, I am a sappy romantic at heart and imagine Italy to be the most romantic nation on earth,” he continues. “Traveling there is definitely on my bucket list. Touring the historical significance of ancient cities, enjoying Italian food, wine, culture and countryside with a loved one – I can’t think of anything better than that.”

Outside of the office, he has become obsessed with remodeling his house of 24 years. Being the original owner of his Eden Prairie residence, he has completed two full renovations, noting his love for good design and textiles.

“Currently, I am really into the craftsman style with sleek, masculine lines balanced with elegant, softer feminine qualities that can be found at shops like Pottery Barn,” Kellogg says.

For more than 15 years, Kellogg has been dedicating his time to the needs of his clients and his colleagues. In both 2010 and 2015, this dedication was honored with a nomination for the Emma Rovick Award.

“It is truly an honor to just be nominated because it is an award that recognizes you as a respected professional and both in and outside the real estate industry,” Kellogg says.

In years to come, we are sure that Kellogg’s perseverance and dedication will see many happy clients and recognition.