Minnesota Mortgage Association Profile


We were able to interview the Minnesota Mortgage Association’s Executive Director, Pat Martyn to discuss the group and their role in the local real estate community.

REAM: How long ago was your association founded?
Martyn: The Minnesota Mortgage Association (MMA) in 2006 combined two long running organized groups: The Minnesota Association of Mortgage Bankers and the Minnesota Association of Mortgage Brokers. Both corporations had a long established history, and the leaders of the organizations saw that it would be beneficial to both if the groups could be merged. I applaud the foresight of those leaders because there were a series of compromises that had to be made, and it spoke well to their leadership that they were able to bring the two groups together.

REAM: What are some exciting events coming up?
Martyn: MMA is hosting high quality educational seminars every month in 2015. Several have featured national experts speaking on the topic of RESPA TILA integration which will be in effect Aug.1, 2015. As always, we feature a golf tournament in July and our partnered Affordable Homes Congress/Minnesota Mortgage Association Convention will be held in September.

REAM: If someone wanted to move into a leadership role, what is your first word of advice?
Martyn: Our first words of advice are to ourselves. Let’s provide the best volunteer experience we can. We actively solicit members, ideas, involvement, etc. We also try to set volunteers in the position where they can have success, pay attention to organization, and use their best skills and interests. We want them to have a good experience, so we try to encourage the committee chairs to set agendas and goals and report the results. We have a progression incline that members climb on their way to a leadership role, starting with committee membership.

REAM: Do you partner with any other associations in the local community?
Martyn: Partnerships are a way of balancing our efforts, understanding the challenges faced by the larger real estate community, and expanding our collective efforts for the common good. We currently participate with most of the REALTOR groups in the community, the builder’s coordination of education events groups, and the title and appraisal organizations. This participation may involve public policy strategies, educational events and the like.

REAM: What are some MMA accomplishments that may not be as well known?
Martyn: Perhaps the most unknown accomplishment is that the MMA was instrumental in providing a template for the nation in the passing of workable consumer protections prescribed in federal law. Once the Minnesota law was passed, Congress used many similar provisions for national standards.