Don’t Just Walk All Over It, Celebrate It!

Nathan Zillis

By Nathan Zills

When it comes to cutting a rug, a lot more goes into flooring replacement than just the old song and dance. While the last thing that homeowners usually want to do before they sell their home is pour a ton of money into it, investing in new flooring is a surefire way to add value-if you do it the right way.

As a REALTOR, you know that a percent of the sales price of a house can be made up from what kind of shape the flooring is in. If aged, worn-out carpet covers the floor of a house, no amount of staging is going to be able to get your clients the price that they want on an otherwise beautiful home. You can let the duty fall on future buyers by offering a flooring credit, but when it comes down to it, buyers are looking for a house that has been well maintained and will best suit their lives “as is.” They do not want to have to put more work in before beginning the next stage of their life, and might pass on the perfect home because they cannot see past the flooring.

There are a few ways that you can go about installing new floors. You can go online, buy a roll of carpet and try to install it yourself, you can find the cheapest company willing to do it for you, or you can invest a few extra bucks and have a highly certified company put in quality flooring the right way.

The first two happen a lot more than you would think. Many people believe that they can DIY flooring installation when, in reality, it is an art form. It takes someone with vast knowledge and advanced practice. When you try to do it yourself, you run the risk of not stretching the carpet properly and ending up with wrinkling or mismatched seams, or with uneven boards if you try and install hardwood flooring – scenarios that lead people to get their floors replaced in the first place.

If you decide that you don’t want to do it yourself, but you hire the cheapest company you can find, you are throwing money away just the same. Many wholesale companies have their flooring manufactured differently than quality flooring companies. They produce the flooring as quickly and cheaply as possible, which can lead to defects and overall poor quality. The only right way to do it is to do your research and invest in quality, regardless of the attractive price tag of other options. When it comes to flooring, it’s the same as buying cars or shoes; you get what you pay for.

When deciding what type of flooring to install, there are just as many options as there are companies who are willing to do it. Once you find the perfect company, it’s important to pick a flooring type that works best within each individual home. There are a few different routes that you can take; carpet is going to be the most cost-effective option, and it can serve a lot of different functions in the home. There is a carpet option that can reduce up to 80 percent of odors, one that is virtually impossible to stain, and one that has water-proof backing so that nothing will soak onto the carpet backing or sub-flooring. And if you want all three? You can never go wrong with hardwood floors or tile.

ZEROREZ has partnered with the leading carpet and flooring manufacturers to offer custom solutions to fit any lifestyle and budget. As much as we want to save every carpet and flooring we clean, we know there comes a time that replacement is the best option. We also understand the level of expertise and professionalism required to not only make a home looks its best, but more importantly do it the right way with quality products and services.

New flooring can add immeasurable value to any house on the market, as long as it is installed properly. Homebuyers will be drawn to the idea that theirs will be the first feet to dance barefoot down the hallway or that their dinner crumbs will be the first to be swept up from the hardwood floors in the kitchen. New floors help sell a new chapter, which is what all people looking to buy a house are really searching for.

Nathan Zills is the Flooring Services Manager for ZEROREZ Minnesota. He works directly with partners from the leading carpet and flooring manufacturers such as Mohawk, Shaw and Beaulieu to provide the best solutions for individuals, families, designers and project managers. He works with a professional licensed, bonded and insured installation team to deliver the unique ZEROREZ Gotta Love It Guarantee to every customer, every time. Contact Nathan with questions or comments at or (651) 779-8888.