Shellie Coates

Shellie Coates

A Passion for Real Estate

REAM: What drew me to the real estate industry?

Coates: I have always loved real estate. I wanted to become an agent in my early 20s. I talked myself out of it then because I didn’t want to work nights and weekends. Little did I know that I would anyway! However, now I am in charge of my schedule and take time off when I need to.

I love homes! I love to see all of the architectural, decorating and landscaping differences in homes. I even look at real estate magazines when I am traveling! I think that no home should go unloved and that there is a buyer for every property thanks to my obsession with all of the DIY and home improvement shows on TV. Guess what my favorite station is … yep, HGTV. Who doesn’t love those Property Brothers?

REAM: Who are your real estate mentors? How do you seek to emulate them?

Coates: My real estate mentor is my broker, Kathleen Reed. Kathleen is patient, kind, trustworthy, dependable, thorough and always looking out for her clients’ best interests. She keeps informed and current in all things regarding real estate. If I can ever become half the agent that she is, then I will have become a great agent.

REAM: What do you enjoy most about your day-to-day job?

Coates: The thing that I love most about my day-to-day job is helping people. I’ve had other jobs that stressed the importance of customer service, but, in reality, it was just lip service; production was the bottom line. When management’s focus is numbers for production, customer service suffers. My clients are not numbers. Each one is important. Each client brings their own set of circumstances; whether they are excited first-time home buyers or someone trying to move on, the emotions are strong and tied to possibly the biggest financial transaction of their lives. Their feelings and fears are real. I treat my clients the way I want to be treated. I keep them informed so they can make educated decisions. I try to minimize the drama that they have to encounter in real estate transactions that are likely to occur when you are dealing with so many different people to complete a sale. Everyone is entitled to their shot at the American Dream of home ownership.

REAM: What lesson have you learned that most surprised you? Coates: The lesson that I learned that most surprised me about real estate is how much I didn’t know. There is so much involved. Not only is there the skill of finding the right home, the mounds of paperwork, the lending process, inspections, appraisals, title and escrow, but also a good agent must negotiate well. The goal is to keep the transaction moving along until the keys are in the hands of the new owner. It’s not always an easy task, but I’m ready for the challenge.

REAM: What is your biggest challenge as a young real estate agent? How do you overcome those challenges?

Coates: My biggest challenge has been learning all of the technology. Gone are the days when a customer called up and wanted you to find them a home. Now, it is likely that they have looked at many homes. Customers are savvy and expect you to keep up. I overcome these challenges by taking any opportunity that I can to educate myself. I also have awesome technology support at John L Scott RE, as well as other helpful agents that are kind enough to offer assistance when they see that look in my eye … the one where I am about to throw my computer. Fortunately, computers are expensive; I have resisted the urge.