Rod Givens

Rod Givens

Continuing the Legacy

REAM: What first drew you to the construction industry?

Givens: Building homes is a family tradition. My family has been building since the 1950s. My grandfather, Orin Givens, built his first home during the ’50s, then my father Larry Givens took over the family business and I currently run Alturas Homes. It is a passion that runs deep within my family. I have always had a creative passion for construction and architecture. Right out of college, I knew I wanted to be a part of my family’s growing company. I have been fortunate to share this passion from generation to generation and we are driven by what we can design and develop next.

REAM: What is one trait that differentiates between a successful builder and an almost successful builder?

Givens: I think what differentiates Alturas Homes from others is primarily the desire to evolve both creatively and conceptually. Secondly, our entire team becomes invested in every project, family and vision we work on from day to day. We value and understand what it means for our clients when they are making one of the largest purchases of their lives.

REAM: What empowered you to go into business for yourself?

Givens: I am lucky to have been guided by very savvy builders from a very young age. They know what good quality work looks like and I am able to benefit and learn from their experience. I have gained their trust to push the development of Alturas Homes to the next level. I am raising a family in the Treasure Valley, so it’s important to me that my neighbors are proud and happy with the home in which they raise their family.

REAM: What do you enjoy most about working with real estate agents?

Givens: Just like our passion, we like to work with real estate agents that are passionate about what they do. It’s enjoyable to see a real estate agent develop a relationship with clients. Alturas Homes and our real estate agents are a team, and we want the home buying and building experience to be a pleasant and positive experience.

REAM: What is your biggest challenge running a business? How do you overcome it?

Givens: Our biggest challenge right now is our growth trajectory. We are happily growing at a rapid rate, which means we are exceeding the expectations of our home buyers. However, we want to maintain the integrity and quality of work. Making the right choices balanced with the appropriate next steps, without compromising our standards is our goal.

REAM: What do you believe most differentiates you from other builders?

Givens: We are a custom builder by nature. We invite homeowners to bring us their ideas and dreams. We love listening to homeowners’ ideas and incorporating them into their home. We anticipate building homes for people who want to make changes, who want to have an actual custom-home building experience. We have a really hard time saying no because we believe there is always a solution to satisfy our clients’ vision. We want to continue building homes in great communities for people at any stage in their life here in the Treasure Valley. Our goal is to infuse quality in everything we do and build homes where people live happy.

REAM: How is Alturas Homes involved in the REALTOR community?

Givens: Alturas Homes and our REALTOR partners, Knowles Idaho, have co-sponsored the Subaru Kid’s Obstacle Challenge, participated in Paramount’s National Night Out and volunteer in Rake Up Meridian. Our REALTOR team has also helped us host several ACAR events in Paramount and Syringa subdivisions and our parade homes since 2013. We would love to be part of more REALTOR® community events in the upcoming year.

REAM: Are there any upcoming projects you’re excited about?

Givens: We have officially broken ground on our first home in Century Farm and are close to breaking ground on more additional homes in the community. Century Farm is a new subdivision being built near Eagle Rd and Amity Rd where a new YMCA, high school and elementary school are being built. We are also excited about our new homes being built in Paramount, Bainbridge, Ashbury, Syringa and River Heights subdivisions. Visit our website to see the pictures and open house hours of all our model homes.