Real Estate Agent of the Month Mike Brown

Mike Brown

A Team Approach 

By Katherine Bishop

Mike Brown, REALTOR® and owner of The Mike Brown Group at Silvercreek Realty Group, believes there aren’t any glass ceilings in his real estate business. He says, “On our team, nothing is standing in the way of an agent becoming as successful as they want to be.” Brown has positioned himself and the team for a record-breaking year, and this comes with the expectation that they can attain this while still having a balanced life. Brown believes the key to providing exceptional customer service while not sacrificing time with friends or family is rooted in his unique team business model. Agents can have a life outside of real estate, because Brown has established systems to help his agents run their real estate businesses without running themselves ragged.

The Mike Brown Group at Silvercreek Realty Group is truly a one-of-a-kind real estate team. For many reasons, this Treasure Valley real estate group is experiencing rapid growth since its inception 15 years ago. While many REALTORS® are focused on just selling you a house and then moving on to the next sale, Mike Brown says the group’s goal is to provide exceptional service that, “Sets us apart from anyone else. We know with the level of service we provide, the next time you need a REALTOR®, we’ll be the first call.” He explains, “Within our business model, we take a relationship approach where we actively listen to our clients’ wants and needs. We try to understand our clients’ goals and what they hope to achieve with their real estate purchase. In our experience, we’ve found that the average homeowner moves every five to seven years, so having a savvy REALTOR® whom you trust and know will ensure a smooth transaction for you can take a lot of stress out of the process.”

U.S. News and World Report has named Boise the sixth best place to live in the nation in 2016, USA Today ranked Meridian as the No. 1 best city to live in America, and named Boise as the second best place for entrepreneurs to start a business. Brown can see the writing on the wall, so it’s no wonder he’s preparing for exponential growth. He has always been ahead of the curve, and it’s easy to see why. He spots shift s in the market before they’re labeled trends and he thoroughly educates his clients because he truly cares about their long and short term goals.

The Mike Brown Group is successful because they’re always striving to understand real estate market conditions. They have their marketing strategy dialed in and they’re constantly utilizing all marketing tools at their disposal for the benefit of their clients. Statistically, the average days on the market for a Mike Brown Group listing is notably less than the IMLS average. Brown holds weekly team sales meetings where the group can discuss the wants and needs of their clients and agents are then able to connect their clients to the right property even before it hits the market. Brown says, “Because we want to develop clients for life, our goal is to sell them houses they love that we would be proud to come back and list.”

The group is currently located in the Meridian Silvercreek Realty Group main office, but Brown is excited to announce that his team is breaking ground on a deluxe office building directly in front of the Silvercreek Realty Group main building, exclusive to The Mike Brown Group. The 31 REALTORS® that comprise the group are excited to inhabit the new building, as it’s a reflection of their strong presence within the Treasure Valley. The team has over 200 years of combined industry experience, 15 of those belonging to Brown himself.

Before becoming a REALTOR®, Brown served in the U.S. Coast Guard, worked as a police officer within the LAPD, an ad sales operations manager for the AT&T cable office in Boise, and manager of operations for his family’s business, The Boise Tour Train. Using his business knowledge and tapping into his entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to build a career in real estate. During the course of business, he was surprised to find that many agents weren’t focusing much attention on building and maintaining client relationships – an integral part of growing and maintaining a successful real estate career. Over the past several years, he’s spent a substantial amount of time developing a team of like-minded REALTORS® who strive to provide a higher level of service than is typical in the industry. Brown says, “Everything we do is based around our mission statement, Fostering Clients for Life.”

One of the many reasons The Mike Brown Group can provide exceptional service is that in addition to its 31 real estate agents, a team of six support staff works behind the scenes on each transaction. Although the client’s main point of contact will always be their REALTOR®, there’s an entire team dedicated to moving the process along as quickly and efficiently as possible, ensuring a seamless real estate transaction for both the client and the agent. His specialized team includes a listing coordinator, transaction coordinators, and an experienced marketing department that includes a senior graphic artist, IT experts, and a social media strategist. This arrangement is different than most firms, where agents must do everything themselves and it provides an unmatched extra level of support for the group.

“When you have so many great people working toward a mutual goal – giving our clients unparalleled service – phenomenal results are always the natural outcome,” Brown says. “Many REALTORS® are juggling 10-15 different hats. The reality is if they’re working by themselves, they’re expected to be experts in advertising, photography, transaction coordination, social media, and more. It’s very difficult for one person to handle all of those tasks and give 100 percent to a client successfully by themselves. We provide a way for the agents within our group to have all of these very important areas covered. Agents under this business model have more personal time to spend with family and friends and aren’t tied to their business.”

Brown understands that a happy and well-educated agent translates into satisfied and life-long clients. “We believe that our agents should have personal time. Burnout just doesn’t happen within our group because we have the systems in place to ensure a successful and well-rounded business (and life). Out of the 3,500 licensed agents in the Treasure Valley, only 300-400 of these agents are part of a team. There’s no extra charge to the client, and we’ve found it’s a better framework for everyone involved in a real estate transaction.”

Brown’s group sincerely displays a collective team spirit – they genuinely care about each other’s success and enjoy working together on behalf of their clients. The team volunteers extensively throughout the Treasure Valley, they participate in quarterly team bonding activities, and look forward to community events throughout the year. The Mike Brown Group has enjoyed giving back to their clients and community and has contributed to causes such as Camp River Run and they are one of the main donors for TitleOne’s Annual Charity Golf Event benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Nampa and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Idaho.

The team also plans fun activities and events for their clients, such as their annual client appreciation night. This past year, The Mike Brown Group leased three movie cinemas at The Village Cinema and provided tickets to their clients to view Star Wars: The Force Awakens – before its official release date. By simply looking at The Mike Brown Group’s social media pages, you’ll immediately see that Mike Brown Group agents truly enjoy working with their clients and with each other as part of a real estate team.

Brown is constantly educating himself on the state of the market and is relentless in his pursuit of industry acumen. When he’s not with clients, he’s reviewing real estate data, scouting out land within the Treasure Valley for potential new construction projects, or meeting with builders. “It’s important for us to understand buyers and what they’re wanting so we can communicate that to our builders,” he says. “We want to keep our community fiscally healthy with adequate housing options. Inventory is not keeping up with demand, so we’re hoping to help in that area by propagating a robust new construction marketplace.”

When he’s not selling real estate, Brown enjoys boating and camping with his family- wife, Lisa, and two sons, ages 15 and 9. “Since setting down roots here permanently in 1992, I’ve known without a shadow of a doubt that the Treasure Valley is the best place to raise a family.”

Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions an individual can make and the REALTOR they choose will have a significant role in determining the outcome. Brown says, “I’m so thankful to be working alongside an incredible team and with such wonderful clients. I’m excited to do this every single day and it’s my sincere hope that we’re fostering clients for life.”

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