Real Estate Agent of the Month Lysi Bishop

Lysi Bishop

Building a Real Estate Team

By Lesley Boyd

At the heart of it all, real estate agents are at the apex of the service industry. They are responsible for walking their clients through some of the most important decisions of their lives, while providing support and suggestions every step of the way. Striving to meet and exceed the gold standard as set by luxury hoteliers at The Ritz Carlton, Treasure Valley’s top producing REALTOR, Lysi Bishop, has devoted her 20-plus years in the business to providing her clients with invaluable gold standard service and attention.

Born in California, Bishop moved to Ketchum, Idaho, at a very young age where she was raised by a single mom and successful real estate agent.

“I remember my mom talking on the phone constantly, and I promised myself I would never do that to my family,” said Bishop. “I know now that there was no way around it – being in constant contact with clients is central to the job description, but I certainly didn’t understand that as a child.”

After growing up in Ketchum, Bishop attended university in California and Washington. A job in retail management lead Bishop to Hawaii where she married her college sweetheart, Scott (also from Ketchum). The couple enjoyed living in Hawaii, until their first child was born.

“After our daughter was born, we knew that we wanted to return to the mainland to raise her,” recalled Bishop. “When Scott suggested we move to Boise, I agreed with apprehension, but it was the best decision we could have made to raise our family. We have now been living in Boise for over 22 years and could not love the area more.”

When they arrived back in Idaho, her husband went back to school.

“To help support our family while Scott finished his degree, I decided to go into real estate temporarily, at least until Scott was finished with school,” said Bishop. “I always loved helping people, and with my retail and management background and a lifetime of exposure to real estate, I thought it would be a terrific fit … for the short term.”

Bishop began her career as a single agent working at Richard B. Smith. Her innate desire to help people transferred well into an industry where individual attention could mean the difference between exceeding the client’s needs and losing a client. Bishop quickly built her client base from referrals and realized she thoroughly enjoyed real estate. She later moved to Group One Real Estate, and over the years enlisted the help of two assistants. Bishop acted as both buyer’s agent and a listing agent and covered all of the responsibilities under each title herself. There was literally not enough time in the day to complete all of the work resulting from her success and Bishop slept for only four hours a night.

“It was exhausting, both mentally and physically, but I loved it,” said Bishop. “There was something new to learn every day. But the downside was being responsible for all of the balls in the air, all the time.

Year after year, Bishop was named one of the top producers in the area and she was doing it all on her own. After several years of recruiting calls from Keller Williams Realty, Bishop finally accepted an invitation in 2010 that ultimately changed her life.

“As a top producer, I was used to receiving recruiting calls from agencies,” explained Bishop. “But, the recruiter from Keller Williams had a different approach. She offered to teach me to run my real estate career like a business, without losing the personal service I insisted the clients receive. I reluctantly accepted an offer to meet with the recruiter to discuss the business model she described.”

Up to this point, Bishop had worn every hat in the real estate arsenal from marketing and advertising to actual agent, and was working long days to do so. Known both nationally and internationally as the number one real estate agency franchise, Keller Williams has a team approach to real estate that was a complete 180 from Bishop’s previous business model. She was introduced to a team model where each member is specialized.

On the team, the agents working with buyers, focus only on buyers’ needs, to provide each one with the highest level of service. The agents working on listings, specialize only on sellers and stay fully focused on the sales of their listed properties. The team approach has seen great success through specialization.

“Most of us REALTORS have found that trying to be both a buyer’s agent and a listing agent forces one of the services to go on the backburner,” Bishop said. “For example, when a relocating buyer comes into town, a buyer’s agent may be committed to three or four dedicated days with one buyer. During this time, other clients, the listings, the sellers, and marketing needs are neglected in a single-agent model.”

To further allow the specializing agents to focus on clients, the team model breaks down the services to assign administrative tasks to team members who are in the office during the day, rather than to the sales people who may be out showing property.

“The idea of a team model sounded scary – trusting important service tasks to anyone else. But, with the example of so many proven success stories from Keller Williams’ agents in other parts of the country, it was difficult to ignore the validity of their team concept. After months of contemplation, we decided to join Keller Williams,” said Bishop. “Scott offered to step in temporarily, to lead with building the team. Fortunately for all of us, he decided to stay on, and is currently the managing partner and associate broker.”

Over the last five and a half years the Lysi Bishop Real Estate team has grown to a team of 20, including buyer specialists and listing specialists, supported by an incredible client services team (administrative team). The client services team ensures clients receive immediate service to each call and the team’s agents receive support when they are out in the field. Their client services team also includes designated field coordinators who ensure that listed properties are in top shape with stocked marketing materials and show-ready interiors. The team also houses a marketing department that focuses on creating collateral marketing, and prioritizing marketing exposure of each property online, in print, and through social media.

“We are so fortunate to have been able to build a team with incredible people, who all share a common goal, working to the gold standard in every interaction with our clients,” Bishop said. “I am grateful to be associated with every member on the team, they are the heart of our successful business. Together, we are able to provide the highest level of service to each and every one of our clients. We continue to grow each year, and continue to seek talented people to add to the team.”

The Lysi Bishop Real Estate team has now been recognized by the Wall Street Journal as the top producing agent and team in the state of Idaho.

While success in her career has brought nationwide recognition and numerous accolades, Bishop has found her greatest joy in raising a family. She and Scott have two children, now ages 20 and 22. Both children attended Boise primary and high schools and earned academic scholarships to universities. Their daughter has graduated with a neurosciences degree and their son continues his studies in engineering this fall.

With two decades of real estate experience, Bishop enjoys sharing her experience and real estate knowledge with others. Both she and Scott enjoy sharing their trials and successes with others as well as the benefits of their team model.

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