Jim Hunter of Boise Hunter Homes

Jim Hunter

Carrying on the Hunter Legacy

REAM: What first drew you to the construction industry?
Hunter: My dad was a homebuilder and developer. He was a forward thinker who taught me how to see the big picture down the road, often before others did. Many times that lesson was learned at the other end of a shovel alongside my brothers. I wanted to carry on the legacy he left. My wife, Jan, and I enjoy working side by side in our company.

REAM: Did you have a career in another industry before embarking in construction?
Hunter: After graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in civil engineering, I worked in the oil and gas industry as a petroleum engineer for 10 years. Since my transition into construction, my engineering degree has been very valuable in the technical areas of land development. A quality lot in a great location at a good price is literally the foundation for building and selling a home at the most competitive price for that product. This is a large reason for our success.

REAM: What do you enjoy most about working with real estate agents?
Hunter: It’s the energy and enthusiasm they bring to the business. Buyers have many choices to consider these days, and we always appreciate the enthusiasm the agents express as they show buyers our homes. Few sales today are slam dunk, and I’m fascinated with how the REALTORS work to bring both sides together to close a deal.

REAM: What do you enjoy most about your day-to-day job?
Hunter: Watching a project start from raw ground with the earth movers and engineers, to grading and paving then finishing off with a beautiful home for a family with kids on a playground is pretty satisfying. I also love getting thank you letters and hearing stories from the new homeowners. It reminds me just how important our jobs at Boise Hunter are and just how much we touch people’s lives. Lastly, I feel blessed to work with the group of professionals that I do. I get to meet and work with the best of the best. I also employ a talented staff who make it pretty easy to come to work every day with a smile.

REAM: How are you involved in the local real estate community?
Hunter: Boise Hunter Homes understands the importance of staying closely connected to the REALTORS in town. We have representation on the ACAR and the board of the Women’s Council of REALTORS. We also sponsor various events at the young professionals network and the REALTOR Political Action Committee’s golf tournament. Boise Hunter Homes also regularly presents a class to various real estate offices called, “Getting Comfortable With Selling New Construction.”

REAM: Are there any changes coming in the future that you’re excited to announce?
Hunter: We began the grading portion of the largest and most exciting project in our company’s history, 173 view lots in the foothills above Harris Ranch. Boise has not seen anything quite like this yet! The project will feature homes designed by 2015 Hall of Fame inductee, Mike Woodley, architect, in conjunction with Boise Hunter Homes’ in-house design team. We are expecting the first homes to be under construction by mid-2016. Believe me, it will be worth the wait.

REAM: What are some of your hobbies outside of the office?
Hunter: Well, I guess you can say that Hunter is more than my last name. My brothers and I were raised waking up early before school to run down and shoot ducks in the river bottom. That only escalated into bigger and better targets as the years went by. Jan comments that it seems like most of our family vacations involve some kind of hunting or fishing so I guess it’s in the genes. My horse, Wildfire, and I do attend local jack pots and roping competitions when possible. It doesn’t really matter what I do in my downtime as long as it’s with my family.