The Hermann Group Named Twin Cities Real Estate Agents of the Month

MINNEAPOLIS (Feb. 1, 2016) – Real Estate Agent Magazine Twin Cities is pleased to announce that The Hermann Group was named Real Estate Agents of the Month for February 2016.

Lifelong residents of Lake Minnetonka, The Hermann Group consists of Patti Jo Hermann; son, Matthew Hermann; daughter-in-law, Brette Hermann and daughter, Traci Hermann Peterson. “Helping you find a place to anchor,” is the promise The Hermann Group vows to fulfill in their practice.

Nearly 40 years ago, Patti Jo’s journey began by simply tagging along with a friend in search of their new home. Patti Jo documents the series of events that led her to where she is now in her real estate career that has her family working alongside her.

“My friend was house-hunting, and had an appointment to see a house that I’d always liked, so I tagged along,” she explains. “I was shocked at the attitude of her REALTOR. Basically, all he did was open the door, and stand back. I was the one rushing from room to room pointing out great features like a charming cupola. I was excited about the house, but the agent just stood there, detached.

“That night at dinner I was relaying all this to my husband Craig,” she continues, “and he said, ‘You should get into real estate, you’d be great at that!’ It didn’t take much encouragement, I knew it was something I would enjoy.

“Because my kids were still so young at the time, I started out slowly, just part time at first,” she continues. “I love being a mom and wanted to be there for them. All of my kids are pretty athletic, so of course I wanted to attend their games and activities. I valued the flexibility of being able to devote as much time as I needed to my family while pursuing a career that I loved.”

To read the entirety of Hermann Group’s feature, click here.

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