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Tips From The Top Take a Bow … You Are Now Licensed!

Del Rounds

By Del Rounds

Now that you have that part under your belt, where do you go from here?

The process of getting licensed with the Arizona Department of Real Estate teaches new agents the concepts of Agency, Code of Ethics, Contract Law and Brokerage, but lacks on specific training for efficient and smart business planning and most importantly, sales coaching.

Bottom line: the number one thing to get your business started and keep it thriving is … lead generation.

A perfect introduction into successful real estate sales, at a minimum, is investing into one of the many successful coaching programs. Generally, they all highlight the essential four items every agent should be focusing on:

1. Lead Generation

2. Lead Follow-up

3. Negotiate

4. Present

These programs cover all the basics of business and marketing plans, listing and buyer presentations and usually include fail-proof scripts that I have literally built my business on. As a start, invest in the programs, listen to the tapes, practice the scripts … it will automatically give you that backbone in competitive sales that you need to be successful!

The end goal is to find yourself in the phases of presentations and negotiations … these are your last few steps to a paycheck in your pocket. You cannot perform these last two steps without the first two steps, so again it is all about leads, leads, leads!

Leads come from an abundance of resources. First and foremost, the number one resource is your SOI, or your Sphere of Influence. Start with people you know best! These include your family, friends, acquaintances from sorority/fraternity, golf associates, and/or clubs or groups you belong to. Ask them to refer your services, anyone they know who may be buying or selling real estate!

Take on for sale by owners, expired and canceled listing sellers! Don’t be afraid of the push back … the majority of them will eventually list with an agent. Make these sellers your best friend. Offer them services no one else is … loan them generic open house signs, make them a brochure, loan them a vendor lockbox, and give them marketing information. The best way to get into a FSBO house is simply ask, “When are you doing an open house? Saturday? Great see you then!” When they sell, maybe they will use you to buy or refer you to friend, right? Maybe when they sell, they would provide you a list of buyers that have contacted them. You can reach out and help those buyer’s purchase a home! It’s just one more person to add to your client database.

Lead follow-up is equally as important as lead generation. You must put them in a contact management system database. I coach about 50 people currently and 65 percent of them have no contact management system when they come to me. Accuracy is important … ask them for their full home address, email address and phone numbers, work and mobile. Lead follow-up must take place, it is the step that is essential to lead conversion. Set tasks for yourself in your management database system, and constantly set reminders to call back and follow up. Keep your marketing materials in front of them weekly, monthly, etc. Statistically, FSBO don’t hire an agent for six weeks! So, which one of us will have enough stamina to be there when they decide to list the home for sale? Superior follow-up is key!

Push yourself and make yourself accountable every single day!

This is just a start to your success … it is your brand, your business, your results!

Del Rounds is the Coach and Owner of RE/ MAX Fine Properties. His honors include Team of the Year 2017, 100 Most Influential Agents and Top 25 RE/MAX USA.