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Terry McGrew: Capturing the Character

Terry McGrew

REAM: What first drew you to the design field and to staging in particular?

McGrew: My passion for interior decorating started in my early adulthood. From my first apartment, to our first home, every move represented a blank canvas for creating a new design. My staging career started when a REALTOR asked me to help her update her home so she could list it. We moved furniture throughout the home; we pulled out her candles, dishes and wall art; and we mastered the “staged” look. I realized instantly that this is what I wanted to do every day. I can incorporate my desire for design while helping the homeowner sell their home. I am forever indebted to that REALTOR because she is the reason I created Revitalized Designs.

REAM: What one trait most differentiates between a successful home staging and an almost successful staging?

McGrew: Most home stagers have a repetitive way of staging a home without taking into consideration the individuality of the home. A successful home staging requires a little extra analyzation in the character and the style of the home, the market value, the location and demographics of the home, the neighborhood as well as the clientele. In viewing a home for staging, it is important to review all of these variables as each home is unique. When staging a home, the trait that differentiates a successful home stager is the ability to capture all of these variables prior to staging.

REAM: What do you enjoy most about working with real estate agents?

McGrew: Since I am also a REALTOR, I am in the unique position to understand the Code of Ethics and the relationship the REALTOR has with their clients. What I enjoy most, when working with real estate agents, is being their shield. There are some things that the agents hesitate to tell their clients while prepping their home for the competitive market. Being the third-party home staging professional, I am able to boldly pinpoint areas that require attention or updating without affecting that client-REALTOR relationship.

REAM: What empowered you to go into business for yourself?

McGrew: With only a few home staging companies in the area and many homes on the market, I was confident I had the talent and proficiency to start this business on my own. My motivation was to create the perfect design for each home while showcasing a part of who I am. I have very strong viewpoints when it comes to decorating and home staging. When I walk into a home to be staged, I immediately visualize what needs to be done to create that model home look. Working for myself allows me to implement my vision for every home staging.

REAM: What would you say is your style? Do you have a signature you always add?

McGrew: I am certain my style has changed significantly since I first started home staging, but I tend to gravitate toward the contemporary style. When staging a home, the contemporary look presents a crisp and cleaner perception of a home. I have to say, I have walked into homes that just “speak” a style of their own, so it all depends on the home as well. My signature is not very specific, but I have the ability to capture the essence of each home that I see and work with its features and highlights to create its individualized beauty for the buyers to appreciate and desire.

REAM: What is your vision for your company?

McGrew: My vision for Revitalized Designs is to educate and design the essential home staging process as well as to ease and improve the sale for the homeowner, investor and real estate agent.

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