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Real Estate Agent of the Month Philippe Tibi

Philippe Tibi

Exceeding Expectations

By Susan Cushing

Suave, elegantly attired and effortlessly self-possessed, there’s a subtle yet unmistakable air of refinement about Phil Tibi that is both intriguing and inscrutable. Born in Queens, New York and a resident of Phoenix, since 1991, Tibi emanates a certain aura – a demeanor of sophistication and international savvy.

Heredity plays a powerful role, and while proudly claiming to be the first in his family to be born in this country, Phil Tibi’s French ancestry has obviously been an influence on his style. An entrepreneur by nature, he launched an internationally successful company from his college dorm room. Fluent in French, he soon had offices in France, Taiwan, Korea and Brazil.

“I had my own worldwide electronic components distribution company,” Tibi says. “The business, sourcing semiconductors and other components for major companies such as IBM and larger manufacturers, was a big money maker for a solid 18 years. However, when Google became a verb, the electronics industry hit a dead end, there were no more trade secrets. I had no choice but to reinvent myself.”

Recognizing the changing market, Tibi looked for his next career move, but didn’t have to look far. Having already been dabbling in real estate, buying and selling properties for himself, family members and friends, he already had extensive knowledge of both the market and the skills required.

Tibi hit the ground running utilizing every tool and skill he’d acquired, now applying them to his new endeavor. In addition to his natural flair for business, Tibi also came equipped with an MBA in international business as well as his wealth of experience and an extensive list of international contacts.

“It seemed natural to segue what I had accrued in my international dealings into my real estate business,” he says. “Like everyone starting out in real estate, I looked first to my sphere of influence. The only difference is mine includes some of the top 10 brokers in the world in cities like Paris, London, Milan, Tel Aviv, New York and others. I stay in touch sending market updates, brochures and newsletters.”

It didn’t take Tibi long to build a thriving real estate business. In 2007, he became the associate broker and director of resale at Cambridge Properties. Recognized as one of the Valley’s premier brokers for luxury residential living, Cambridge Properties has closed over $1 billion in new home sales of urban-lifestyle developments as well as single-family homes in the Metro Phoenix area.

A huge proponent of higher education, Tibi has continued to build on his ever-increasing knowledge through various real estate classes. Today, he has a veritable alphabet of prime designations and certifications following his name including: GRI, ABR, CRS, CIPS, E-pro and most recently the prized certified luxury home marketing specialist (CLHMS), focusing on the luxury home market.

With his international background, extensive years of experience and intimate knowledge of Arizona’s exclusive Biltmore real estate market, Tibi has come to be considered the ideal, single-point of contact for Biltmore real estate buying and selling needs.

Real Estate Agent of the Month “Luxury homes aren’t limited to the Biltmore area,” he says, “and neither am I. I’ve been sought out by people with gorgeous, custom homes they are ready to sell in a variety of locations throughout the valley. These are all very high-end, one-of-a-kind homes, each element and treatment hand selected by affluent home owners with exquisite taste.

“For example, one home featured silver inlaid Italian marble in the grand foyer,” he continues. “Just the entry alone cost in excess of $100,000. Another home was more than 21,000 square feet, featuring a wealth of custom features and luxurious amenities”

Of course, not all of Tibi’s or his group’s listings are high-end, but their marketing efforts certainly are. Always pushing the envelope, seeking the latest avant-garde and creative techniques to draw maximum attention to every property. To this end, Tibi puts his money where his mouth is, investing both time and money to ensure every listing receives the same world-class marketing for which he and his group have become famous. This same top-of-the-line marketing efforts applies, regardless of whether the property is a multimilliondollar showplace or an affordable starter home.

“Each of our listings includes professional staging, a home inspection and top-of-the-line internet exposure. he says. “Essentially, I’m investing in the property with my client to maximize the results. You have to highlight the best of each home – present the sizzle to entice the right buyers. All of our marketing efforts are designed to attract the largest audience possible by combining compelling creativity along with tech savvy execution.”

Just as he approaches everything, Tibi enlists the services of the best of the best. He hires only the most talented professionals to assist in his efforts to prepare and market listings in order to showcase each home for the maximum interest which translates into top-dollar price tags. Ironically, on one or two occasions, these efforts were so successful that the sellers fell in love with their homes all over again and decide not to sell.

“Sometimes my efforts are so effective, that it actually backfires, but that’s only happened twice,” he says. “My decorators and staging experts do such an amazing job. I surround myself with trusted professionals who are recognized experts in their field.”

Over the years, his business expanded to such a degree, that Tibi decided to form his own team, creating The Phil Tibi Group. This cohesive team of professionals work symbiotically specializing in their own specific areas of expertise.

“We’re a synergistic group, supporting one another, but each agent focuses on areas with which they are most familiar,” he says. “They are all seasoned professionals with the same high standards as myself and a desire to exceed our client’s expectations.”

Tibi’s passion for thinking outside the box together with his can-do attitude, means he will do whatever it takes to accomplish his client’s ultimate objectives. No matter the obstacles, relentless determination is the main factor in the ongoing success and growth of The Phil Tibi Group.

The Phil Tibi Group continues to grow and recently opened an office at 4040 East Camelback Road, which Tibi says is “more centrally located.”

“Molly Cash, my assistant, is integral to my success,” adds Tibi. “She’s essentially my right hand as well as a good friend. In fact, the way we interact, even argue at times, people oft en assume we’re married. But she’s always there, offering 100 percent support and assistance 24/7.”

Tibi has been recognized as a Top 10 Agent by Homes and Land Magazine and is regularly included in lists of top producers. Tibi has also been featured on CNBC “National News” and Fox 10 News “Cool Homes” ABC 15 “Sonoran Living” and Channel 3TV “Your Life Arizona.” Happily married to his wife, Amy, the couple have one son Jacques (Jack) and a Boston Terrier named Lexi.

When he’s not mentoring agents, consulting with clients or preparing a property, Tibi can be found either working with various benevolent organizations such as The Biltmore Lion’s Club, The Alliance Française or with his family enjoying activities such as traveling, skiing and scuba diving.

“I love my work,” he says. “I feel as though I’m part shrink and part real estate broker to my clients. You have to keep your eye on the prize and not be discouraged when faced with obstacles, it’s just part of the job. As long as my wife and son are healthy and my heart is still beating, I’m perfectly happy with whatever comes my way.”

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