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Agent on the Rise Ian Stoddard

Ian Stoddard

REAM: Why did you decide to follow a career in real estate?

STODDARD: Well it’s pretty simple actually. I love people, traveling and being happy. Andy Kist became one of my regular customers at Starbucks. He was so happy and full of life. Aft er a few conversations about the business, I knew this career was exactly where I needed to be.

REAM: As a young professional, what is one of the challenges you face in the industry? How do you overcome them?

STODDARD: One of the challenges starting out was obviously my age. It was hard for people to trust that I knew what I was doing at first with such little experience and a young face. I overcame this by just being genuinely interested in people’s lives. You have to take their wants, needs and concerns as your own so you can truly help them sell and or find their home.

REAM: Who are your real estate mentors? How do you seek to emulate them?

STODDARD: Andy Kist has been the greatest mentor and partner that I could ask for. He has taught me everything I know and he keeps me accountable in real estate and in life. He has always been about incorporating his faith in his business and doing right by people. From the beginning, he has always made sure I understood the center of this business is relationships. We operate with integrity and make sure we are always upfront and honest with our clients.

REAM: What perspective does the younger generation bring to real estate?

STODDARD: When I got into the business my first thought and drive was first time homebuyers. So many people don’t know where to start and in today’s world everything is done electronically. I have been surveying many friends from college and high school. The overwhelming majority would prefer to do everything electronically. I believe there will be a flux in millennial buyers in the coming years. I am and will be prepared to help them in whatever way I can.

REAM: What do you enjoy most about your day-to-day job?

STODDARD: What I enjoy the most about my job is showing houses. I love learning about my client’s needs and then finding them the perfect place to live. It’s very fulfilling to know that you have truly helped someone.

REAM: Tell us about your first sale.


STODDARD: My first sale was a lot of fun. I was very nervous, but I had Andy to back me up and Susan Ramsey’s awesome team operating on the other side. They were so much fun to work with and really made the transaction a smooth process for not only their clients but mine as well. I couldn’t have asked for better clients or a better team on the other side.

REAM: What are some of your hobbies outside of the office?

STODDARD: My hobbies outside of the office include bible study on Tuesdays, watching whatever sports I can find on TV, running, soccer, cigars, corn hole and eating a lot of food.