Virtual Reality is Making Home Buying Online Efficient and Fun

Brian Corcodilos

By Brian Corcodilos

The world is getting smaller. Technology has enabled people to connect with others around the world in an instant. As our lifestyles continue to be molded by everyday technology, so is the real estate industry. The next home you buy will be purchased online.

Instead of traditional listings, REALTORS are creating custom websites and brands for themselves that enable them to reach more potential buyers on the Internet. Successful REALTORS are using such technologies to differentiate themselves within competitive markets. More importantly, they are using it to leverage their time. How?

Think of this for a second: The typical way of holding an open house only exposes the property to the potential buyers in attendance. This takes time and requires the REALTOR to physically be there to cater to the potential buyers. In order to leverage that time, REALTORS are instead hosting an interactive video tour on a website 24 hours a day for unlimited buyers to discover, tour and share. A higher visibility will always equal a higher probability of sale.

Buyers are now able to check listings on mobile devices or at their home computer. It’s surely evident that our tech world is making it possible to go completely mobile and make educated purchases without leaving our homes. By branding a property across all platforms, it gives the REALTOR an edge and ability to reach more people organically. Through various social media avenues and other ways to share listings, properties will be sold faster to the educated consumer.

Successful REALTORS are recognizing this and modifying their tools. Promoting a video tour or pre-construction marketing visuals like a 3-D rendering, buyers can begin to envision themselves living in the property. This creates the emotional connection that every homebuyer looks for. The shift from traditional home buying to a faster, mobile process is enabling REALTORS to integrate new technologies like Mobile Branding, 360 Video and even the popular Oculus Rift into their daily practice.

Virtual reality puts the potential buyer in the driver’s seat, which is exactly where they want to be. Let’s face it, people hate getting sold the buttered up descriptions. In the end, the homebuyer is the one making the opinions of “how beautiful” a bathroom is or “how spacious” the living room is. Being more involved and experiencing a property for the first time as opposed to just looking and reading about it will yield a decision faster, in turn, making the entire home buying process more efficient and fun.

This new era of virtual reality in real estate will allow homebuyers to explore on their time, customize their new home with their favorite colors and share with their family and friends exactly what their new home will look like. The joy of experiencing your next home before you move in is an exciting concept. By putting on the Oculus Rift and entering into a virtual environment, users are able to have a sensory experience that allows them to explore the space like a fly on the wall.

Imagine you are looking for an apartment in a new city. You don’t have the resources to travel to your new city to see a handful of places, but you discover a REALTOR who lets you experience the properties without having to physically be there. You put on your Oculus Rift in your living room and immediately, you are exploring those virtual environments. Tours complete, decision made.

With this progress of technology, in the future, we will buy a home online similar to how we buy office supplies today. It will be efficient, streamlined and enjoyable. All we need next is the “Add to Cart” button.

A graduate of Philadelphia University’s College of Architecture and the Built Environment, Brian took the initiative to form Designblendz in 2011. Brian’s recognition’s include many publications and invitations to share his ideas with others. His entrepreneurial personality and passion for the profession has been recognized by repeat clientele. Brian has used his business development skills to network and grow Designblendz into a full functioning design, documentation and visualization studio. When not in the office, Brian can be found reading, exploring the city on his bike and enjoying time with friends and family.