Jonathan Hawkins Named LA Beach Real Estate Agent of the Month

Jonathan Hawkins

REDONDO BEACH (Jul. 21, 2016) – Real Estate Agent Magazine LA Beach Cities is pleased to announce that Jonathan Hawkins was named Real Estate Agent of the Month for July 2016.

It might come as surprise of how many former military veterans will join the real estate industry post-service, but Jonathan Hawkins has had a successful multiyear career serving as a military officer in the Army, which has contributed to his thriving success as a REALTOR®. Hawkins’ journey began when he applied for an internship while attending UCLA, which was a process that offered a uniquely confidential process. Not knowing what or whom he was applying to work for, he was placed with world renowned Coldwell Banker REALTOR®, Joyce Rey, the executive director of the luxury brand, Previews International.

Under Rey’s mentoring, Hawkins’ learned an invaluable approach to marketing, client interactions and servicing of clients. Those three qualities built Hawkins’ foundation of his motto, “Service, Integrity, Success.” With both his military intelligence and an international relations degree, Hawkins is confident of his skills and having the upper hand during negotiations within the industry.

Though he’s strictly business-minded in the field, he admits that he’s very much enveloped the Californian lifestyle.

“I’m the shorts, sandals and beach kind of guy,” Hawkins says.

To read the entirety of Hawkins’ feature, click here.

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