Jason Koenig and Shane Montoya Named Twin Cities Real Estate Agents of the Month

TWIN CITIES (Aug. 3, 2016) – Real Estate Agent Magazine Twin Cities is pleased to announce that Jason Koenig and Shane Montoya were named Real Estate Agents of the Month for August 2016.

Jason Koenig and Shane Montoya lead dual lives as both business and life partners. The pair have been a team for nearly two decades now, though they weren’t always in the real estate industry. Montoya, an incredibly successful international recruiter turned top sales agent working for various large real estate businesses. He ventured out to Minnesota from his native Wyoming when he attended college in Winona. Koenig on the other hand is a St. Paul native who joined Montoya’s team nearly eight years after founded from an advertising background.

The two aren’t shy in stating the obvious: they truly encompass the entirety of their name, The Odd Couple Team.

“Shane and I are complete opposites,” Koenig says. “Shane is the visionary; he has great ideas and challenges the team to envision that future. Whereas I’m more behind the scenes trying to align a strategy to obtain those ideas and goals Shane comes up with.”

Their team consists of Austen Kordosky, Ryan Radtke, Angela Conrath, Corbyn Tao, Joe Garofalo, Amy Mrozek Marjorie Patton Weide and Molly Dyson, all of whom have quirky personalities and something that makes them odd. The team is grounded in the foundation of building and connecting with the local community.

“We built a team of great individuals who have become like family,” Koenig says. “I think it’s important to show individual appreciation in recognizing each agent’s talent and helping them grow. Watching our agents achieve their goals and grow their business is a feeling I can’t truly describe. It’s about the success of the team, not one individual.”

To read the entirety of Koenig and Montoya’s feature, click here.

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