Developing a Solid Listing System

Develop system

By Nathan Ryan

Most of us have heard the old adage, “Plan your work, work your plan,” but oft en don’t heed this wise advice. It takes intentionality and time to plan, and sometimes it feels like we have anything but time, especially aft er winning a new listing.

This spring, give yourself a head start by developing a system for advertising that you can follow every time you obtain a listing. Sellers will appreciate knowing you have a structured way of helping them sell their property and you will only help solidify yourself as a seasoned real estate professional. Take a look at these thrift y ideas for advertising a listing, which you can tailor to your own preferred system. What’s important is that you create your system immediately.

No. 1 – Enter the listing on the MLS website. It’s free and should probably be your first step. Enhance your listing on your company website.

No. 2 – Enhance your listing on your company website. Tell a story specific to that property. Try to stay away from clichés that could be said about any residence. If possible, add links to county sites, the city website, school districts and more. Buyers want to know as much as possible in as little time as possible.

No. 3 – Create a Web page just for that property. Simply buy a URL from a domain host such as GoDaddy and if your company has a pre-established URL for listings, forward the property URL to that address.

No. 4 – Host an open house. Call and invite real estate professionals that have sold properties or have current listings in that area and invite them to a broker open house. Off er snacks and be sure to follow up with an email reminder, as well as put the broker open house on the MLS. Also, have at least one open house in the first month. Be sure that you, as the listing agent, nab the first one. Print out flyers and personally invite five neighbors on either side of the property and 10 across the street.

No. 5 – Send out a postcard. For a small fee, you can have a postcard designed and sent out to 100 of the closest property owners announcing “just listed” properties. When a property sells, send out another postcard announcing the property has sold to the same neighbors you invited to the open house. Be sure to add details outlining your services and encouraging them to contact you for a market evaluation.

No. 6 – Claim your listings and update information. Be sure to always be on top of sites like Zillow and Trulia, both to claim your listings and ensure the information is correct.

No. 7 – Ask your sellers to post on social media about the listing. Provide sellers with a link to the website and ask them to share the URL on their social media accounts. Never let your own social media accounts become flooded with just listings. When appropriate, share a listing with a good story or unique features, but keep it classy.

No. 8 – Print flyers/ads. Printing can get expensive, so be sure to choose carefully when to print and post ads. Perhaps print and post one ad before the open house, then stick with online marketing and word of mouth going forward.

No. 9 – Buy banner ads. If a property is having trouble selling, consider buying banner ads to go in local newspapers or on relevant sites online. Online banner ads can link to a property’s website or your own website and help build SEO. Facebook ads are also a reasonable method of doing highly targeted advertising to promote a specific property.

No. 10 – Check your database. If you’ve been in the business for awhile, why not check back with past buyers you know who might have an interest in the kind of property you’re selling? This is a great way to touch base with them and keep the business relationship active.

No. 11 – Create a virtual tour video and upload to YouTube. The more visuals, the better. Potential buyers love to see more of a property before committing their busy schedule to a showing and maybe that’s all they’ll need to see! If you’re not a videographer, there are several services for hire.

No. 12 – Create a property floorplan. Buyers also love to see a floorplan ahead of time. There are several online resources that can help you do this as well. Provided the property is listed at a higher price point, perhaps even consider a 3-D floorplan model – these services have proven to be highly eff ective in producing additional activity on a property that lags on the market.

Shaping Your Perfect System

There are countless ways to advertise a listing and spread the word about a property. Now that you have a few solid ideas, get to work sketching out your first listing system and see how it performs. Remember, your system should work for both you and your sellers, so don’t be afraid to modify it until you’ve found the perfect recipe for getting properties sold!

Nathan “Nate” Ryan started selling real estate in 2001 and went on to train real estate professionals on sales techniques, CRM systems and lead generation. As a trainer he had the opportunity to travel all over the United States and Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica to see how successful real estate practitioners across the country approach the business. In 2013, Nate accepted a position to manage a real estate office in central Minnesota. Currently, Nate is the business development coordinator with RE/MAX Advantage Plus. For additional information, contact Nate at or (651) 775- 7249 or visit